Discussion: Former Florida Gov. Crist To Announce Bid For Congress Next Week

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I’m tempted to move to that district, just so I can vote against that moron.

Rick Scott had favorability below zero (practically) a year or so before the election, and you couldn’t beat him? There might be a reason why you keep losing elections.

Here’s an idea: you and Debbie Wasserman Schultz run off and elope, move to Outer Slobovia, and let the rest of the Democratic Party fend for itself.


If the Florida Dems put any money in his campaign they deserve to be booted out of their positions.

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Martha Coakley is tanned, rested and ready. Er, wait. Ahem. Charlie Crist is tanned. Very tanned, and um. Probably not ready to win shit.


Jesus F’ing Crist.

I find it interesting that you blame Crist for the judgment failures of the Floridian people ( Yes I am in Florida ) . Do you think Scott won because Crist ran a crappy campaign? Scott won because he lied though his teeth and millions of Conch idiots bought it. They’ve nothing to show for but shitty schools that charge astronomical tuition. But those Conch’s are going to vote GOP’er again. Run FDR if you like…they are going to vote GOP’er again. They vote and get fucked by who they vote for. And when they’ve been fucked so bad they can’t walk they’ll crawl their ass to the polls and vote for more.


I like Crist and always have. As a Rethug governor, he waasn’t nearly as horrendous as some others (yeah, I’m looking at JEB).

To me, this shows that FL’s Dem bench is non-existent. The fact that he would come out of the woodwork after losing on both the Federal and the State level tells me that they don’t have anyone else. This idea should have been shot down immediately and should not have gotten the light of day. I assume SOMEONE in the FL Dem party gets that and is only turning to him because there is no other viable alternative.

I mean, if they’re running him, imagine what the alternatives are (seeing images of that perennial loser Alex Sink who should have TROUNCED that nothingburger Jolly…)

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D) will announce on Tuesday that he will run for Congress, Politico reported on Friday. He will run in Florida's 13th district, the seat currently held by Rep. David Jolly (R-FL). Jolly is running for the open Senate seat in the state.

Does that make his opponent the antiCrist?


That’s good. That should be his first commercial ad with that specific tagline. Its almost endearing.

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Dear Charlie…

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Crist always struck me as the poster child for every thoughtful Republican–as the GOP moves right, he winds up as a Democrat.


There are problems with our bench, but Crist running isn’t indicative of that. Crist is running because he wants back in politics. He can’t run as a GOPer, both because he is a traitor in their eyes, and because the party has moved away from where he was. And his very public switching of parties means he has to run as a Dem…always, from now on.

Nobody is recruiting Crist to run, this is all on Crist himself, wanting to run.

In addition, there is a lot of turmoil going on right now in Florida, on both sides of the aisle, as the new redistricting plan gets put in place. Lots of lots of juggling as people try and figure out what is to their individual and party advantage.


Please, please, PLEASE stop this motherfucker before he runs again. Just like Martha Cokely in Massachusetts, he is a lousy candidate, and is unelectable. The Dems have to stop supporting these losers. How many fucking bites at the apple does one get, even after being proven a loser multiple times?

I have no doubt he wants to run. But someone at FL Dem office should have shot this down with a better alternative. If no such alternative exists, then sure why not have him run again.

Much of Texas is like that. In 2010 and 2012, the official Democratic nominee for one of the suburban Houston districts was a LaRouchie who campaigned with a picture of Obama-as-Hitler. She won the Dem primary flat-out, because the party structure there wasn’t strong enough to beat her.

Oh for fu*k’s sake! Trying to stop Crist’s political trainwreck of a career is like playing Whack A’ Mole.
Just when you think it’s finished…ya’ gotta’ go back and whack it again…


Make it stop! Charlie…Go Away!

The reason the FL Dems ran Alex Sink against Jolly in FL-13 is because she won the district in her failed gubenatorial campaign. At the time, it made sense. In addition, Jolly was seen as such an incredibly weak candidate, she didn’t seem like a bad idea.

Turns out, she was a bad idea. Oh well.

What does Crist have to offer?

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Well, the Dems already have a candidate declared for the 13th, Eric Lynn. Crist is the second one to declare, which means a primary.

Jolly isn’t seen as a shoo-in, either. He won the seat in a very close special election in March 2014, and then won again by a more comfortable margin in November, but without a Dem running against him. The thinking is he is not a particularly great candidate (he isn’t), and the seat is expected to be one of the most competitive in the country.

Lynn is probably going to have the backing of the Democratic party. He is a former SecDefense adviser, and worked for the Obama campaign as a Middle East advisor, as well as a coordinator for the GOTV with Jewish voters in Pinellas county. So he has pretty solid party tie ins.

So this is not the Florida Dems doing at all, this is entirely a Crist thing.

I totally disagree. It’s not his fault Floridians are stupid. He’s a decent man and I am happy he’s running.,


I agree He was a good governor and he’s decent. We need people like him in office. The people of Florida are stupid.

I should not have included all Floridians. I apologize to both you and sickenffintired. I agree the Florida democratic party is a mess but we have won Florida in the last two presidential elections

I like Christ. I think he is a decent man and I don’r know how the people of Florida could have elect red Scott twice.