Discussion: Former DNI Clapper Questions Trump's 'Fitness' For Office After Arizona Rally

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Normally, I´d be concerned about a man who´s losing his bearings clutching his nuclear football in bed at night while he ruminates about all of the mean people who had slighted him that day.

But today I think I´ll clean my garage instead.


I question the sanity of our moderators of national discourse, who pretend that only today it is becoming evident that Trump is not fit for office.
This was crystal clear from his first rallies.
In fact, there is virtually no difference between Trump now and Trump 2 years ago, only a slight—and I mean slight—intensification in rhetoric. The main distinguishing feature of Trump these days compared to 2 years ago is self-pity.


Clap for the Clapper.

The gentleman is going to help turn the lights out on the Mango Mussolini.


Yup. Agree with it all.

The excuses of the “moderators of national discourse” are all laughable and all variations on the “we thought he’d rise to the occasion when it got right down to it.”

The self-pity comes from the fact that Donnie Two Scoops apparently envisioned a coronation instead of an inauguration; everything has been downhill from there, as far as he is concerned.


Plus he really didn’t understand the job, and now that he has it, he hates it. Toss in that his precious financial empire is starting to get its collective teeth kicked in, and the looming and inevitable legal problems, he REALLY hates it.


Yup. Karma’s middle name is “Be Careful What You Ask For”…

And she can be a right bitch. As Donnie is learning.


I’d be more concerned that he’d nuke his perceived "internal enemies " than North Korea. California maybe?


All of Trump’s speeches and press conferences are nothing but the airing of his petty grievances - he is a small, pathetic man and we have given him an unconscionable amount of power. He has never looked more like Mussolini than he did while talking last night.

As I watched his speech and the mediocre coverage and commentary, I kept wondering why nobody brought up the history of the crazy black man displayed prominently behind him for the entire time - is this guy just old news?

I had many friends at the protester side of the rally last night - they said the anger and feeling of violence in the air (it was 108 degrees here when the rally started) were almost palpable and several of them became quite scared and left. Nobody was killed, thank God - but the ugliness this man is bringing out in this country is terrifying to me. I can only hope this is the fever breaking.


More like this please. People really need to start hammering this home, perhaps those with the power to do so will finally stop pretending and use the power of the 25th Amendment. As others have pointed out, none of this is surprising; what does boggle the mind is his complete willingness to confirm our suspicions about his obvious mental illness.


Shorter Clapper: Trump is batshit crazy.


Trump is the GOP; the GOP is (still) Trump. Trump is not the club. Trump is the nail through the end of the club.

“How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase,
             endure this nightmare?” he asked.


Ya think?

Trump: I pay no attention to White, Old, Fat, and balding grandpas.


You don’t have to be a fully trained and licensed therapist to see that Trump is coocoo for cocoa puffs. That said, plenty of experts sounded the alarm bells years ago, for anyone who would listen. Hell, John Barron and/or John Miller ranted about it for decades!


That violence is EXACTLY what Bannon, Mercer, Trump, and the rest of the fascists in their camp are looking for. Oldest trick in the book. Look at Venezuela. Threaten a democracy with fascist rhetoric, steal an election, wait for violent rebellion in the streets, crush it under your fascist boot, install a police state and, VIOLA! You have a dictatorship.

I always through apartheid would end in a sea of bloodshed. Instead, Mandela emerged from prison having left his hatred and anger behind, and apartheid ended and South African democracy was born.

You reap what you sow. Antifa is part of the problem, not the solution. Plus, the KKK and violent thugs in general can mix in and pass themselves off as violent anarchists at these protests. We do NOT need arnarchy. It leads to totalitarian rule. We need people willing to show up peacefully and stand up for Democracy. By the MILLIONS


“How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?” he asked.

America held hostage: Day 214



I kept wondering how much the “crazy black man” in the new T-shirt was being paid and what drugs he had spent the money on.