Discussion: Former Bush Spox Tries To Debunk 'Bush Lied, People Died,' Fails Miserably

And now, the moral to this story.

“Omnishambles”. I am purloining this bon mot forthwith.


Fleischer was and still is the poster boy for smug stupidity … bless his heart.


Ari is getting older and is beginning to understand the implication of the blood on his and Bush’s hands. Maybe he will meet his maker one day and is afraid he will burn in hell.


Ari as an apologist for himself and others would have been better off had he STFU.


David Corn is an American hero (to me at least). Cogent, lengthy reponses like this show why (although the 47% tape is probably the topper)


Given the Republicans history, it should have been obvious that the Bush administration never had a plan for post-war Iraq, and ultimately that is what doomed the invasion…

And for all the noise that the hawks like Bolton make about Iran, it is ironic(?) that almost every single move made by the US in the Middle East in the past 20 years has strengthened Iran…


David Corn was on top of it then and still is.


That time was 2008, when Obama won thanks in part to his defining vote against Iraq and it felt like we were turning a page–many pages, even. It didn’t make Bush II worth it, but it suggested we could perhaps recover and confirm for the world what a mistake that had been.

Little did we know how much worse it could get, domestically at least. And internationally.


Bush lied, and people are still dying because of it. Asshole.


This is off topic, but related in that it is yet another example of the GOP omnishambles (thanks, Dave Roberts) that has us groaning under the crushing weight of GOP stupidity, obduracy, toxic masculinity and fundamentalist Christianity:

Maine GOP rep. says access to menstrual products would make jails like ‘country clubs’

During a hearing last week over whether incarcerated Mainers should be guaranteed access to basic menstrual hygiene products, Republican state Rep. Richard Pickett of Dixfield cautioned that such a rule might make the prison system seem too much like a “country club.”

I hate these stupid malignant fucks!


Can you imagine the mountain of bullshit that will be coming from ex-Trump Admin people? So far, they haven’t started a war, though…


Team Bush had a plan—but it was a very superficial plan based on the incredibly stupid assumption that Americans would be welcomed as liberators. The rest of the plan called for huge profits to be made by an assortment of energy cos, Halliburton, Blackwater, etc. Well, that part of the plan worked out okay.


They won’t stop trying until Bush earns yet another gentleman’s C, this time from history’s judgment.


I wouldn’t be overly confident that it couldn’t happen . . . articles like this keep me up at night. https://politicalwire.com/2019/03/20/trump-sidelines-north-korea-negotiator/


Not prosecuting Bush and Cheney et. al. for war crimes was a huge mistake of historical proportion by President Obama. So was Nancy Pelosi’s decision to take impeachment “off the table.”

These types of decisions are what allows criminal Republicans like Ari Fleischer to crawl out in public to make such blatantly false lies.

The Democratic party had their foot on the throat of the Republican Party in 2008, but Obama pulled it off, extended a hand, and helped them back up.

But George Bush gives Michelle Obama candy, so all is good.

Bush lied, people died. Truth.


Not sure what mental dysfunctionality Ari must have to insist that lies were not told …but it is an intense one…
Furthermore - Ari - why keep lying? Nobody gives a crap what you say anyway … you have become a footnote … if you wanted to write your memoirs - you would have to pay somebody to publish it … and give the copies away …


When the highlight of your career is being the spokesperson and war cheerleader for one of the worst administrations in American history you ought to not embarrass yourself by commemorating the anniversary of the worst foreign policy catastrophes in world history.


He almost makes “Baghdad Bob” look like a trusted source of information, doesn’t he?


I want to vote for a Democrat in 2020 because Trump is a disgrace, but when I hear this kind of nonsense about Bush lying I just want to wash my hands of politics in general. When Clinton got the Iraqi Liberation Act passed in the late 90s, he cited specific weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, along with Saddam’s treatment of his own people as the cause for supporting that act. The Senate passed it overwhelmingly. Clinton even supported going into Iraq later and when those stockpiles were not found, he said that they might have been destroyed when he ordered bombing strikes years earlier. Did he lie? Did all those Senators lie? The truth is no one really knows what happened to those weapons, but they know Saddam had them because he used them. If Democrats want Independents and never Trumpers to vote for their candidate they need to stop litigating the past over and over again. It only creates dissension where you need unity.