Discussion: Florida Official: We Don't Know Of Any Other KKK Members Working In Prisons

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Maybe I’m wrong, but that one on the right does NOT look like a typical Klansman. He looks more a Latin King.

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"But Jones told the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday that detecting extremists can be difficult because corrections officials can’t ask about job applicants’ political affiliations. "

How on earth is membership in the Ku Klux Klan a political affiliation??

Don’t ask, don’t tell. In Florida, that policy is about more than just climate change.

What incredible luck! They caught 'em all at the same time!!Only in FL…throw in a little calliope music and you have a carnival replete with grifters.

In all fairness, he may have altered his appearance to make some of the inmates to think he’s one of them. Just like Mindy Kaling’s brother tried to pass himself off as black :shit: