Discussion: Fla. Elections Official Who Nixed Poll Site At Mosque Defeats Tea Party Challenger

The Butcher of Palm Beach…

Has a nice Drumpfian ring to it…

Wow, i take back my previous comments. Looking a the election results, 10x more people voted for the elections supervisor and sheriff and some of the judges as they voted for the US Senator. That seems bass ackwards.

Come on… we’re talking about a County Elections Supervisor. Unless there was exit polling data, I imagine she received the most votes because she was at the top of the ballot.

The data you link to doesn’t show anything like “10x more people voted for elections supervisor and sheriff…as bored for US Senator”

According to the link 158,422 voted for Sheriff, 152,944 voted for Elections supervisor. The total who voted in the 3 party primaries for US Senate (D, R, Libertarian) were 145,136 – no where close to 10x more.

It isn’t surprising that more people voted in these non-partisan races — in order to vote in the US Senate primary, you had to be an enrolled voter in a political party (Florida has closed primaries). But independent/ unaffiliated voters were allowed to vote for these non-partisan local offices. (In Palm Beach County 28% of all voters - a quarter of a million people - were not eligible to vote in the Senate primary because they don’t belong to one of the 3 parties holding a primary.)


ah, that explains it. thanks for the clarification.