Discussion: Fiorina: Carson, Trump Debate Complaints 'Says Something About Their Endurance'

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Fair point. How about the next GOP presidential contest being a dance marathon instead of a debate. Really separate the winners from the losers.



Poor lying Carly, always playing catch-up. Trump and Carson make noise and get the changes they want (which will help Fiorina as well as the other candidates) and then she starts bitching and moaning about how she is able to stand there for all those hours in 3 inch heels, and the other guys are just wimps. And then she’ll call anyone who repeats her boast “SEXIST.”


Need I say more…?


Sometimes I forget Fiorina is even in the race, because she doesn’t seem to be running a campaign that takes place outside of the prism of debates, just as Trump doesn’t seem to be running a campaign outside of Twitter/free media coverage. Her pattern: uptick after the undercard debate, slide back down, surge after 2nd debate, and now she’s slid back below 7%. To be fair, there are another 8 debates so if she dominates each one it could work.


Do you want to see panic on the Republican side? Change the moderator to Rachel Maddow. They would SHIT themselves trying to get it changed!


She’s running for Vice-President.

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Maybe it says something about their endurance

Ah, Carly, you don’t get it, do you? Making a thinly veiled attack about diminishing endurance among egotistical old men will do you no favors in the Republican Party. This kind of thing strikes at the heart of the Republican base, which is especially troubling for those on Viagra.


Can’t wait to see Trump’s response to this one. I’m playing Trump for Halloween, so I need a little practice.

How about, “Hey Carly, I’ve got your endurance right here! (while grabbing his crotch).”

Or how about, “Hey Carly, I won’t need any endurance to beat you, only a few seconds, loser!”

and testosterone, and ‘long-gun’ envy and rejects from Ashley Madison women and Mommy issues.

4 hours but then they have to call a Dr…wait Carson’s a Dr…then again never mind…we finally hear from Fiorina and it’s a dick joke…ha ha ha…too funny…

That Depends.


If BadLipReading does the next debate…

They should use the Peanuts animation voice-over of an adult talking for CF.

…make that ALL of them.

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Haha…subtly questioning their manhood. Here comes Trump: “Who’s she kidding? My dick’s so big I can suck it myself…see watch!!!”

And, frankly, who doesn’t doubt for a second that Trump would suck his own dick if he could? It’s the height of narcissism.

Carson’s still working on finding his though…

Trump’s Twitter response:
“Ask Ivanka about my endurance. She’ll tell you.”

Too late. Now ahm trying to git Redneck Candidates outta mah haid.

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Yes, for once I actually agree with her. If one wants to be President that had better be able to handle more than a 3 hour debate.

Judging by the length of Carly’s tenure at HP and Lucent, don’t really know if she has any endurance either.

Polls dropping. Must. Get. Attention.