Discussion: Feds To Investigate If Ahmed Mohamed's Arrest Over Clock Violated Civil Rights

Discussion for article #243489

Mohamed’s family eventually left Irving after reporting threats and now
lives in the (Middle East.)

Think about that for a moment.


What’s there to investigate? The police, the child, the school and the parents all agree Ahmed was
-pressured by the principal to incriminate himself
-taken from school without his parents being notified
-repeatedly denied access to his parents or an attorney during questioning

Texas code prohibits this.


Civil rights?! Ha ha! How quaint! President Trump will fix all that civil rights bullshit, you’ll see.

Does anyone know if, after the school freaked out over this alleged “bomb”, a bomb squad was called to inspect it? If not, the school administrators need to explain why not.

They knew it wasn’t a bomb. They thought it was intended to look like a bomb.