Discussion: Feds: Bombing Suspect Plotted For Months, Inspired By Terrorist Leaders

…Rahami used an eBay account under the name “ahmad rahimi” to purchase the items used to create the explosives…

Quite the mastermind. Really knows how to cover his tracks.


Another very sick mind in a nation of over 300 million people. These events will happen one way or another.


To lazy to read through all the info. So were the Feds on to him before hand?

I think you have to actually order weapons-grade fertilizer in bulk quantities for that.

btw, this actually happened to someone I know. He’s a physicist who researches ways to detect the nitrogen compounds commonly found in explosives. Typical scientist, he didn’t want to wait for the slow process of ordering through company channels so he bought from amazon. Didn’t take long for the FBI to show up.

Not that this excuses him, but civilians were slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq. Still are being slaughtered. Combined with the (apparent) experience of his family in New Jersey – plus some mental illness and/or substance abuse – the radicalization seems not impossible to comprehend.

(Although as investigators did deeper they may find that the desire to commit violence came first and the justifications later.)

so this guy was inspired by drumpf?? I can believe it

Not to put too fine a point on it, but civilians are slaughtered wherever there is war, especially modern war where highly explosive devices are hurled over large distances. It’s just a natural by-product of war. War is one of God’s main methods of population control, along with famine and pestilence and the occasional natural disaster.