Discussion: Federal Judge Strikes Down DC Ban On Handguns Outside Home

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Open carry gun-gasm in 3,2,…Kablooey!!

Another Bush appointed judge.

Who are these people who think it will be OK to have guns everywhere? Do they not walk, shop, eat, entertain themselves in the outside real world? Gated communities will not protect them fully, and certainly, not their kids who may be contained while young in the bubble but in their teens curiosity will led them into the greater community. Not to mention, do they really trust the rich people who live next to them inside the moat of the pretension?


Your questions are the same ones that perplex me. Who wants to picnic in the park, shop in a mall, eat in a restaurant that could turn into the OK corral at any moment? More urgently, who wants their kids to be in such situations? My only explanation is that those supporting guns everywhere must lead sadly unfulfilled lives where their ridiculous hope is to validate themselves by being a hero and killing bad guys. All of us are going to pay the price for their fantasy.


Judge Frederick J. Scullin: “…Second Amendment gives people the right to carry a gun outside their home for self-defense.”

Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

They look different to me.



Yep, that fantasy of killing a bad guy is what has been driving this thing since who knows when.
I’ll just boycott any place that allows this “open carry” if I have to stay home 24-7 and order take out.


They say that the problem with our borders in part stems from the appetite in this country for drugs,so with all the gun violence going on make it easier to carry guns right ?

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This is a real gem, here: a REAGAN appointee, THEN a Bush the Elder appointee to the ND of NY, THEN a SCOTUS CJ pick to the NS & FISC. And he’s 75 this year, having retired from the active list 8 years ago. So, the only reason he’s even available to be assigned to this (or any) case involving DC is that the DC court is short a bunch of judges.


So public masturbation is again legal in DC. Great.

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Me too (although I suppose, since the delivery driver could be carrying, we had better tip well)

Moar gunz, pleez, fer pertekshun!

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Sounds like Alan Gura has got it made now, litigating all these gun law cases thanks to the absurd ruling in Heller.

You are using the out dated, ancient version of the 2nd Amendment. Scalia re-wrote a new, updated version in the Heller decision, bringing that shy, little right to self defense out into the bright light of day. Oh, and he removed that part about militias entirely, as he determined that it was no longer applicable.

But in all other cases, the Constitution must strictly interpreted, word for word, no adds or deletes. Unless Scalia disagrees with it.