Discussion: FBI: Violent Crime In US Rose For 2nd Straight Year 2016, But Remains Low

Sessions has also been a proponent of the theory that crime has risen as scrutiny of local police has intensified and hurt morale, causing officers to be less aggressive on the streets

So…Chicago has some of the nation’s gentlest cops?

Sessions is going with a justification, not a theory.


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Based on what we have seen more clearly, more recently, the rise in crime should be called “trump effect” since it correlates with (and now we can say was likely caused by) donald’s rise in the political arena supporting violent white men.


The Trump administration immediately seized on the figures as proof that the nation is in the midst of a dangerous crime wave that warrants a return to tougher tactics like more arrests and harsher punishments for drug criminals.

This sentence always works no matter what the figures are.

Beat me to it…

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Yeah, I guess the loosening of gun laws by the states has nothing to do with rising violent crime rates? The NRA and conservative politicians should eat crow for claiming that somehow good guys/gals with guns solve violent criminal issues, when crime rates have not dropped in any of the states in significant ways, since the loosening of said gun regulations. A bunch of the violent crime I read/see is domestic violence, where some disgruntled SOB decides to take their anger out on a fellow/former family member. Also, you read about those with mental illness caught up in violent acts by police, who are under trained when it comes with dealing with folks afflicted by mental health issues.

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