Discussion: FBI To Release Report On Clinton’s State Dept. Emails As Early As Wednesday

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…he admonished her for being “extremely careless” in her handling of classified material.

But, tellingly, he couldn’t provide a single example of any release of classified material that placed U.S. interests in any jeopardy. Remember, the security guys would classify the lunch menu.


Best to get it out and processed now rather than in October. Sigh.


The hounding of Clinton would be farcical at this point, if it couldn’t have such earth-shattering consequences (the election of Trump).


She remembers exactly what they asked her and exactly what her answers were.


It’s just gonna dribble drabble out between now and November 8, creating a constant drumbeat of “Hillary has done something, anything wrong”. This is simply unconscionable.


She has done nothing wrong. The media will harp on this over and over. The Trump campaign will hit it daily. There will be damage. The Democrats have to GOTV and never look back. A landslide victory for HRC must happen.


Andrea Mitchell just had a spontaneous orgasm…


The immense advantage to HRC, irrespective of how the media harpies spin it or parse it, because “optics,” “appearances”, is that, when questioned, she can just say: “It’s all in the report, next question.”


Pobrecito, Alan Greenspan.


I am so sick of this BS, Get this crap OVER and then move on, This has taken longer and been treated with more interest than the 0/11 attacks and WTF happened there when then SOS and GWB’s administration chose to IGNORE warnings of an attack. And then after the attack chose to attack Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11…How many DIEDD BECAUSE of GWB;s incompetence. Get over this crap NOW.


Cuckolded by an email releasel…


Has all the information been released to public of the 9/11 investigation??? I would really like to know EXACTLY what the Gush White House knew, before 0/11.


I agree with several other commenters here; get this out of the way and move on. No charges were recommended, and none will be filed. The Rethuglicans will continue to pretend that this is the greatest scandal since Watergate, but as has been demonstrated time and time again, they live in a fantasy world. Let’s give them all a big dose of reality in November. Throw the rascals out! (That includes Lieberman-type Democrats, unless their opponents are demonstrable insane TP-RWNJs.) If you don’t like the listed candidates, write in someone you think deserves the job.


I noticed the author had to get a shot at Clinton by including Comey’s statement that Clinton was careless, but forgot to note that Comey has been a life long republican.


Clinton’s campaign says it is glad this is coming out. But we just KNOW it’s gonna prove she is a traitor. So they CANNOT want it to come out. So that just PROVES she’s lying again!


In addition, I recall seeing something recently that indicated that HRC never “sent” any emails subsequently determined to be classified, she only “received” them.

Does anyone have a citation / source for that?


It’s possible Comey thought he had to give the GOP something to chew on or he might be lynched or even investigated.

I would do you one better. :smile: There is immense value to Hillary in having the report out there, since there is nothing there. It will discuss the lack of intent, lack of evidence of foreign penetration, and should (I assume) discuss past practice, such as by Powell, etc. It will also say things like the e-mails they did find (3) that were “marked” were improperly marked, etc, and it was the lowest level of classification even if they were marked. So Hillary and her defenders can use the report to push back against that attacks on her. Currently there is little Hillary can do, the media just attacks her narrative and even quoting to Comey’s testimony does not get them far, the fact checkers are too far dug in. But the report is a fact, a fact that will hopefully generate some stories saying - well there is a lot about nothing here.

You can already get a hint of what the file says by the cover letter sent by the FBI - which was entirely ignored by the media - but which said:

“The fact that Secretary Clinton received emails containing “©” portion markings is not clear evidence of knowledge or intent. As the Director has testified, the FBI’s investigation uncovered three instances of emails portioned marked with “©,” a marking ostensibly indicating the presence of information classified at the Confidential level. In each of these instances, the Secretary did not originate the information; instead, the emails were forwarded to her by staff members, with the portion-marked information located within the email chains and without header and footer markings indicating the presence of classified information. Moreover, only one of those emails was determined by the State Department to contain classified information. There has been no determination by the State Department as to whether these three emails were classified at the time they were sent.”

Once the report is out there, Clinton - or more accurately her surrogates - can push quotes like this.



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