Discussion: FBI Releases Full Video of LaVoy Finicum Death

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No doubt about it, this was a completely legal and righteous shoot by law enforcement. He clearly went for his gun.


I believe his truck gets to the roadblock around the nine minute mark for those who want to skip ahead.


I confess that I can’t tell much from this, but he did at first seem to have his hands in the air. That last fast move at the end is what probably did him in. Not too smart.


Sad. He definitely had his hands up and then he reached for something…tape not clear but the police had cause enough to shoot. Sad, sad. sad.


Yea looks like he came out with his hands up but then reached into his jacket. Seems like a good kill.


Apparently some trees were involved. I’m not sure what I’m seeing.

I wonder what all the censored stuff on screen is. What would it be that we can’t know?


There’s five to six seconds between him putting his hands down and appearing to reach for a weapon (maybe twice?) before he’s downed. This is immediately after he almost runs over a guy at the road block and charges out of the truck.

This does not look like a shadowy government execution of a man who had surrendered and was on his knees to me.

He said he would not be taken alive and he proved he meant it.

EDIT: He looks to potentially be going for a weapon as many as three times before they down him. Comes out with his hands up. Puts them down and appears to be reaching for a weapon once, before quickly putting them back up, then quick reaching again, then he kind of stumbles and turns in the snow before reaching for a third time. The third time he appears to be more seriously going for whatever he is trying to get, and then falls.

I’m so torn on this between how tragic this whole thing is with this guy, and how ridiculous and stupid and responsible for his own death he is. He’s a human being and dying like this is tragic, but at the same time there’s the ridiculousness of him sitting under a blue tarp with a loaded long gun in the snow for “freedom” at a bird sanctuary as part of what ultimately amounts to rather serious domestic terrorism, all over how the government he hates should be giving him more free stuff based on legal concepts that aren’t just archaic, but actually were never valid at any time.

There’s a saying about a foolish man being willing to die for a cause, while a wise man knows it’s harder and more productive to live for one. This was not a wise man.


[quote=“dbushik, post:8, topic:31926”]
He said he would not be taken alive and he proved he meant it.
[/quote]Unless he really was dumb enough to think that pulling out a gun on the feds would do him any good. You never know with these guys.


I don’t think they were fooled by the the old “try to run away, try to drive around the road block, dash out of van with hands out to the side, fumble around your holster looking for a target” trick.


That is one high res video. Wow.


He clearly reached for his waist. He clearly should have left his hands up. Suicide.


Thanks. I’m wondering how long I have to watch a 26 min. video before I see anything. Much appreciated.


No doubt. Anyone who disputes this will have to claim it’s doctored. And eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable, so all that confusion doesn’t mean much compared to this. End of discussion for anyone objective.


It’s the HUD data, with the GPS coordinates and the flight information on the drone.

Either that or it’s the explanatory text for the Queen of England and the Bilderbergers.


the video must have been taken from a helicopter unless drones can hover (my ignorance of drones knows no bounds). Certainly looked like he was reaching for something, maybe he was stupid enough to think he could survive a shootout. Where were those ‘100 shots’ that the RWNJ teenager was talking about?


Almost certainly a helicopter.

It’s pretty hard to watch.

And it is difficult to tell (even though high res, there’s not a lot of detail at the point of the shooting) whether he was in fact pulling a gun out of his waistband. His movements are certainly consistent with that. But I can’t tell from this.

Of course, this will not satisfy the militant types regardless of what it shows.


Meanwhile, a leading Republican candidate for President of the United States of America is taking Bill Clinton to task for infidelity.

Conservatism is a con.


I knew it!! Wake up, Sheeple!!


And a little information and update on the legal front