Discussion: FBI Investigating San Bernardino Shooting As 'Act Of Terrorism'

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Well. There ya go – it’s Obama’s fault.


Seems Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook with an account under a different name. The couple tried to erase their digital footprint as well. The fact that they thought they could do that does not say much for their intelligence.


That will be the FOX line, especially with the ISIS pledge. They will now claim it was an actual ISIS attack, which is of course absurd.


My gut feeling is these were newbies and jumped the gun. Hotheads, so to speak. Something sparked them to act out prior to them being able to make more solid plans. If, in fact, these were they best laid-out plans then it just goes back to my first contention: newbies and mistake-prone.


How exactly is it “absurd”…?

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I guess it’s not too surprising: Jihad is who become disgruntled employees first.

Still, if your intention is to go on a suicidal murder spree, why would you care about work?

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I think he means in that it was all coordinated by ISIS with the plan being hatched by ISIS, etc., and carried out by actual ISIS members. It’s a bit early but it doesn’t look like the wife was not an ISIS member, per se but only pledged to them after she moved here and lived here awhile. That said, she still could have planned it all that way.

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It takes great intestinal fortitude to watch one of these press conferences, the questions are sometimes beyond stupid. Did ALL of these reporters graduate from tRump University?

Exactly. The work connection just doesn’t make a lot of sense. There is always the chance they were ISIS pledgers and planned this for quite awhile, but why there? Literally, it has nothing to do with government or military or an institution. That said, the whole point–or at least a huge part of the point–to “terrorism” is to terrorize. Perhaps this is a new line of attack – totally innocent and random places and people. That would be scary to me.

Exactly. We don’t yet know though there are some indications she might have been a Daesh member.

But to flatly say it is abusrd when in fact we are getting some initial evidence that it might be very much a possibility is a little over-the-top.

That said, I will cop to the fact that I was extremely dismissive of the “workplace grievance” angle. A little more vociferous about it than I perhaps should have been two nights ago (within hours of the final shoot-out).

But this is looking more and more like a domestic conduit for Daesh inspired if not encouraged terrorist attack.


Ah, it was a gathering of government workers (albeit not Federal).

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He may have had to work to earn the money necessary to stockpile all of that ammo.

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It’s absurd because all we know so far is that she “pledged allegiance” to ISIS in a Facebook post. Unless ISIS provided advice, training, money, etc…, that’s hardly an ISIS operation.

If Dylan Roof pledged allegiance to the Aryan Nation, does that make it an Aryan Nation attack?

If the Planned parenthood shooter pledged allegiance to National Right to Life, does that mean they are complicit in his crime?

“_____ inspired” attacks are dubious as a terrorism category.

You are right – it is way too early still to dismiss this as an ISIS-sponsored act of terrorism. Plus, yes, it was most definitely directed at gov’t workers.

If this is the beginning of a new wave or strategy to their “terror,” I’d be very concerned and rather frightened we’ve turned a corner we never ever wanted to turn. Think of what those in Israel and surrounding region must feel like. Not good.

Why not go after what is accessible and you are familiar with. Particularly when it is a bunch of government workers are in a big room together for a “holiday party” for a set of holidays that you have no part in that you potential view as the religion of your enemy…?

How is it any more “weird” than going after people at a cafe in Paris in the evening?

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It’s more of an ISIS “inspired” attack. Like many cells that do attacks and claim allegiance to Al Qaeda, but are not actually Al Qaeda. Or some punk who takes football bets and claims he is “with the mob”. He’s not really with the mob, he was just inspired by them.

Yep. I’ve read that he was American-born and raised, but that still doesn’t discount a possibility of him having turned sympathizer earlier and sought them out, etc., visit over there (which he’s done) and secretly coordinate this all with ISIS, using his wife as part of the plan (which, obviously did happen at some point).

ISIS adds only incrementally to the chance that some of your fellow Americans will decide to shoot the place up and/or use IEDs.

Of course, the pathetically large subset of fellow Americans that are cowards like to be delusionally specific about their bogeymen.

Maybe. Maybe more.

We don’t know yet.

Many terrorist “groups” don’t operate from a central command. In fact automatous action is part and parcel to the traditional m.o. of terrorist “cells” and very loose tertiary support (whether material or motivational).

Again could be Jihadist wannabes, but it is actually pointing the other direction more and more.

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