Discussion: Fact Check: Trump Again Claims US Among Highest Taxed Nations In World

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Trump is either insane or knows that there is a sucker born every minute…or both.

This article implies Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What’s next? Palin is not the greatest orator of all time, also?

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He also knows that most of the media will not fact-check his statement on things like “the United States is among the “highest-taxed nations in the world””. Not when they can lazily pull the false equivalency card whenever the need to avoid pinning Trump down on a fact. He makes so many blatant lies that either the media makes no effort to keep up with them or makes no effort to confront them because…GOP. Whereas they will be going over every word Clinton says since, ironically, they won’t be distracted by the fiasco that is the GOP Convention. And let’s not forget that the Blitzers, Todds, and Mitchell-Greenspans of the media world are all one-percenters. They are among the few who would likely benefit from a Trump presidency.

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" Where’s your tax returns, Trump?"

Yes! Another classic example of an issue the media has completely dropped in favor of Trump. Just like they dropped the racist birtherism.


Fact checkers just found out they were going to have to go through that mendacious cesspool of Trump word salad he threw up tonight:




Gee, Donald, why don’t you back up that claim by showing us what an outrageously high effective tax rate you’re paying?

Two possible reasons. First, maybe it’s because he’s gamed the system so completely, he pays virtually nothing in taxes. Second, maybe his income is so low, he qualifies for the earned income credit.


I eagerly await this man’s pronouncement that the world is flat. It’s coming, folks!

no, I’m certain it’s because he doesn’t want you to see how many millions he donates to worthy causes every year.

also, maybe it’s because he doesn’t want anyone to see how NOT a billionaire he is, thus diminishing his brand…

Ben Franklin once said the only certainties in like are Death and Taxes.
As a 30+ year observer of rePuklicans and tax professional MarinCoUSA says there are three.
Death, Taxes and Republicans Lying about Taxes. Everything they say about rates, comparisons to other countries, everything, EVERYTHING they say is a lie.

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I’m guessing he is right, and has the tax documents to prove it.

This is mostly not true

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This article appeared on my phone with a trump ad soliciting donations.

I was happy to click that one and use some tiny bit of Trump campaign funds to pay TPM.

Yes, I’m sure you’re right. After all, if people discovered how much he donates, they’d all want some. Otherwise, it would never occur to them to lobby a billionaire for a donation. Yeah, that’s it… :wink:


oh ok.
I know he was talking about running for President for a long time.

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Though it certainly fits what we know of Tronald Dump’s character, it’s just for fun.