Discussion: FAA Prohibited U.S. Airliners From Flying Where Malaysian Plane Was Shot Down

Discussion for article #225193

I wondered about that. If military planes were being shot down in that area, it would seem the prudent thing to do. Maybe more fuel, but definitely safer. Sad.


But even still this will end up being Obama’s fault. I’m sure Issa is issuing Subpoenas and busy scheduling the witchunt…err trial…err hearings already.


Will the House wingnuts whine about big government regulation restricting freedom or just gutting the “useless” FAA’s budget?

Why on earth would Malaysian airlines route a plane through that area? What were they thinking?!?!


Shortcut that saves fuel. Corporations value the bottom line more than they value intelligence or human life.

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Are you guys too stupid to read your sourced material? The FAA ban was for Crimean airspace. Not eastern Ukraine. Look at the map in the linked FAA document.