Discussion: Experts Warn US Plan To Dismantle NK's Nukes Is Risky, Unrealistic

This article would be better if it included an analysis of the final goal being a flashy can-kicking result that ultimately means nothing but allows the US admin to pretend they’re accomplished in time for fall elections.

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I was flipping fairly quickly through the various article threads when I came across this article. As I read the first line, I though to myself “why are they talking about a World Cup shootout here? Oh, it’s Trump, so yeah - trivial, time-wasting and ultimately nothing to do with the actual game. Makes sense now…”

When you make World Cup soccer penalty tie-breaking shootouts look interesting, you know you’ve crossed over into Trumplandia…

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what is unrealistic and risky is that every morning this moron is still president.
One of these times he is going to bounce his little ball in somebody’s else’s playground and he’s not going to get it back.
One major slip and it goes out of control.
It’s amazing what things started some wars.
Trump is walking that fine line everyday anymore.
when he slips, we are stuck with the consequences.