Discussion: Ex-Wife: Chapel Hill Shooting Suspect Fixated On Film About Shooting Rampage

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Cynthia Hurley, who said she and Craig Stephen Hicks divorced 17 years ago, told the Associated Press…

I’m really enjoying the media quoting this guy’s ex-wife because…“research”. Yeah, I mean, where can a reporter go to find information on a guy’s current views if not his ex-wife from 17 years ago? Stewart called it, the biggest problem with modern media is their laziness.


To me there is one and only bit of good in this story. And that is this POS is still alive and in custody.


Speaking of “anti-theist”, has anyone confronted Bill Maher to get his take on all this? I tend to be someone who agrees with the more cynical views of organized religion, but he’s always struck me as going a bridge too far with it. As much as I think religion has been and continues to be used as an excuse for violence, his recent screeds about Islam being a violence problem (as opposed to having a violence problem I suppose, if you get the distinction I’m trying to make) struck me as offensive, over the top and lacking the usual nuance he’s able to muster. Now here we have what might be a great example of an extremist who used his rabid, anti-religion views as part of his justification for an heinous act of violence…potentially really highlighting that the problem is extremism, not religion per se, albeit true that religious beliefs (or perhaps I should say “beliefs about religion” because I include those of the “anti-theist”) tend to be extremely fertile ground for extremism…and I’d like to hear what Maher has to say about it, whether he’s man enough to admit he was going too far and acting hamfisted with his previous arguments and can engage in some introspection in light of this incident.


I came across an interesting passage in a book I’m reading. It’s a tad lengthy but worth sharing.

"What if, for example you have the choice at an election between three candidates: the first one is half paralyzed by polio, suffers from high blood pressure and anemia and other serious illnesses, has been known to lie, consults an astrologist, cheats on his wife, is a chain smoker and drinks too many martinis. The second one is obese, has already lost three elections, is going through a depression and has had two heart attacks, smokes cigars and in the evening glugs champagne, port, brandy and whiskey before taking two sleeping tablets. The third one is a decorated war hero who respects women, loves animals, might drink a beer from time to time and doesn’t smoke.

Which one would you choose?

The problem with media these days is that they latch onto details that are totally unimportant and blow them out of proportion. With the end result that if today’s media had existed back then, Roosevelt and Churchill would probably not been elected".

But the third candidate, Hitler, would have been seen as highly electable.


Re-watch “All the President’s Men” sometime. The sheer amount of work those guys put in trying to track down very basic information–who was on the Committee to Reelect the President?–is staggering. Information that, today, you’d find proudly linked to on the inevitable website, and they’re flying all over the country, meeting anonymous sources, exploiting co-workers’ ex-relationships.

When facts were hard to gather, they were valued and sought out. Now, when they’re mostly cheap and easy to come by, they’re held in contempt and ignored and treated as fungible “content,” stuff to fill up the space between advertisements and any “fact” is as good as any other at doing that.

And the Woodward and Bernstein of today, as compared to their younger selves, are the most perfect possible exemplars of that degenerative process.

"This incident had nothing to do with religion or the victims' faith but was related to a longstanding parking dispute that my husband had with the neighbors," she told reporters, as quoted by USA Today.

Because shooting your neighbors because they parked in your spot is justifiable homicide in NC?


My local FOX affiliate here in SF said this morning that the shooter was a “atheist” to suggest that race was a factor. Already spinning it away from any discussion of gun access regulation and the resulting violence…


This man had a concealed weapons permit. Previous press reports indicated that confronted the victims as well as other people living in the immediate area while wearing the gun on his belt.

So, in the wake of these shootings, do the people of Chapel Hill feel safer with these carry permits in place?


When these two guys finally get the CREEP list and start looking at phone extensions to find out who might be working for whom and then knocking on doors sometimes of totally uninvolved people, and then Bradlee shoots them down because their information is “thin”, well, I get chills at what might have happened if it were two guys who were not so hungry. Today if it can’t be found on a Wiki page the reporting goes no where.


Yup. The other thing that struck me is how obvious it is who Deep Throat had to be in hindsight.

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Nora Ephron said early on she knew who it was because the details pointed in only direction

No, but if you look at the list of shootings over parking spaces, it’s depressingly common.


You should have seen how excited Hicks got when Grand Theft Auto 4 came out.

in the context of him being obsessed with the movie “Falling Down”, the parking dispute trigger makes more sense to me. Falling Down was all about very small things escalating into very big things. you have the right to get angry over a parking dispute .you do not have the right to murder three people over a parking dispute.


Tom Cotton fits # 3 to a tea.

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Obviously she did not mean that, she meant that was his motive as opposed to being a “hate crime”. It’s looking more and more like this was not a hate crime, the wife says this asshole was “obsessed” with parking. And I’ve seen LOTS of people here in Manhattan who are totally obsessed with parking, they revolve their lives over finding those alternate side of the street spots, and there are lots of arguments. These are sick people, and this guy just took it to a level of depravity beyond belief. A better way for him to vent would be to slash their tires. No, I am not suggesting that as a remedy to a parking dispute, but it’s a much better alternative than what he did obviously.


Parking in Manhattan is problematic to say the least, while apartment complexes in Chapel Hill undoubtedly have sufficient spaces for the residents. The worst case is that you might have to walk 50 feet to your door instead of 10. Not that shooting someone over a parking space is justified even in Manhattan.

It’s looking more and more like this guy is just an asshole and that his opinions were irrelevant to that. Left-wing atheist asshole, right-wing Christian asshole, Muslim asshole, Hindu asshole, all the same. Of course, if he had shot 3 white people, the media wouldn’t have picked the story up-it would just be another American gun tragedy,


Ohh thank gooodness. I am sure the families of those murdered kids will be so relieved to know the killing was not about religion but a chickenshit parking dispute.

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You don’t kill someone over a fucking parking space. Not in NYC or in NC.