Discussion: Ex-US Sen. Griffin, Who Hastened Nixon's Resignation, Dies At 91

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Griffin is among the very last of a quickly dying breed: a conservative Republican who wasn’t a complete and utter lunatic. If he’d been faced with the likes of Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, Carson, Santorum, and Cruz, he’d have recognized them for what they in fact are: the ideological descendants of the John Birch Society. At the time Griffin was in office, Birchers were regarded by most mainstream Republicans with distaste and disdain. I never would have voted for Griffin, but one of his Republican contemporaries was former Michigan governor William G. Milliken, who I voted for twice. Milliken was unapologetically pro-choice and socially moderate on a wide range of policy issues, and was one of the more decent people I’ve ever known in politics. Today, Milliken would be reviled by the GOP base as a horrible liberal, and Griffin would be regarded as insufficiently conservative.