Discussion: Everyone Who Ignored Trump's Requests To Do Something Obstruction-esque

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It’s surprising Trump hasn’t fired Coats yet, since he appears to have some integrity — a trait that leads to dismissal and replacement with a dishonest Trump lackey.


An illegal order that is disobeyed remains an illegal order.


Dana Boente: Acting AG and Acting AAG.

“poor” Dan Coats.

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McGahn is missing in the article…

He’d replace him with either a Fox News regular or Ralph Peters.

Either would be (borderline) ‘no-no’s’ for the Senate.


I’m not seeing any evidence of corrupt intent here, are you? Just one sensitive guy.


Honest question from someone who doesn’t know for sure… Isn’t every one of these obstruction of Justice, or attempt to, or conspiracy to?

Just begin the impeachment proceedings already, and call him to testify (assuming they can do that, don’t honestly know)


Maybe. I suspect the last Indiana Republican who’d even heard the word “integrity” was Richard Lugar.

P.S. I live here.


It walks and talks like a duck but hey, let Congress decide if its a duck.



Subpeona them all; exercise oversight. Keep Trump’s lying incompetence before the public through the 2020 election, then let the courts have at him.


There has to be corrupt intent. Here’s one definition:

  • A person acts “corruptly” if he acts voluntarily and intentionally,
    with an improper motive of accomplishing either an unlawful result,
    or a lawful result by some unlawful method or means. The term
    “corruptly” is intended to connote that the offer, payment, and
    promise was intended to influence an official to misuse his official

  • A person acts “willfully” if he acts deliberately and with the intent
    to do something that the law forbids, that is, with a bad purpose to
    disobey or disregard the law. The person need not be aware of the
    specific law and rule that his conduct may be violating, but he must
    act with the intent to do something that the law forbids.

It could be argued that Trump wanted the investigation to stop because it was hampering his presidency and he didn’t know that ‘fighting back’ was illegal.

Of course when it goes on for 2 years and he has an entire office of lawyers in the White House, that’s pretty lame.


No wonder Trump was “frustrated”


I will offer the idea, that the report is now able to confirm conclusively that the president is both a dumb ass and a total d*ckhead.

That is all.

Onward to the joy’s of a dental cleaning.


As we go through the report, we’re keeping a running list of all the people who had to ignore or rebuff a request from Trump to do something to meddle in the investigation:

  • Don McGahn.
  • Chris Christie.
  • KT McFarland.
  • Jeff Sessions.
  • Dana Boente.
  • Dan Coats.

All witnesses for the Obstruction-of-Justice prosecution.

Including Rod “Draft Me a CYA Memo to Shiv Comey” Rosenstein.

Let the House subpoenas fly…


All of this is impeachable.

It establishes precedent that completely undermines our system of gov’t by making it ok to disobey orders from the POTUS based on your own judgment, no matter how correct, that what he has ordered you to do is illegal or just fucking idiotic. The ONLY acceptable response to those orders and that situation is whistle-blowing. That’s it. The ONLY one. Not abject disobedience and insertion of your own judgment. By failing to impeach him for creating this situation, the next Dem POTUS can expect that something like half the people he needs to obey him, but who are protected career employees, will just ignore his orders.


To synopsize the Mueller Report in less than 4 pages: The President and, by extension, his spawn, are out of control, don’t know what they’re doing, have no understanding of governance or the Executive’s Constitutional responsibilities, and firmly believe the law applies to anyone else besides them. They haven’t completely succeeded in destroying the country yet, because of administration officials who won’t follow orders they believe to be stupid or illegal.

Can we impeach the bastard, yet?


What ? Coats has no integrity — the report clearly documents that Coats lied to Mueller about he extent of Trump’s efforts to get him to exonerate Trump.


His story is in the last 4 paragraphs.