Discussion: Erickson: Benghazi Hearing Was 'A Waste Of Time'

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“The hearings are a waste of time…”

And money. Don’t forget about the money.


When asked on Thursday night what he learned from Clinton’s testimony, Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chair of the committee, seemed unsure.

He learned that you don’t mess with Hillary.


Of course it was a waste of time and money. They already had several of these. What was this going to uncover that the others missed? Anyone with half a brain could see that this was a witch hunt. That explains why the media didn’t treat it as such - they have far less than half a brain.


Paul Ryan: I agree with Erikson and other conservatives that this was waste of tax payers money and time. Prior leadership was meandering about the issue. I will form another committee, which will get to the real bottom and implicate Hillary directly.


Trey Gowdy and Peter Roskam seem to be the only two people on the committee of either party who are capable of asking exacting, precise questions.



Oh, it was WAY MORE than a waste of time, Eric, ol’ buddy. It was a catastrophe. You fuckin chuckleheads gave Hillary 11 hours to put the email/server/benghazi to bed…and she DID IT! With aplomb. The one thing that dogged her and made people doubt her…done.


It’s funny, too, because I was a big Sanders guy. But after this, I’m switching loyalty to Hillary. She is calm, cool, knowledgeable, and makes you dumbasses LOOK like dumbasses. I like that in a candidate.


Oh, I don’t know. We now know that Amb. Stevens didn’t have HRC’s fax number and that HRC didn’t have any sexy-time fun the night of the attacks. That seems worth 9hrs of testimony.


Exactly. And remember Erikson saying these words. Because in about a year, he will be tossing Gowdy under the bus along with everyone else in the GOP…if it takes that long.


PS: I’m SURE there’s some high-level establishment Republican yelling at Gowdy today: “You shut. That. Fuckin. Thing. DOWN. NOW.”

I bet they wrap it up by the end of next week, regardless of their previous schedule.


“I don’t know that she testified that much differently today than she has the previous time she testified.”

She didn’t, but I guarantee there will be some out-of-context quote that gets latched onto as a “discrepancy” to provide a toe-hold for Teatrolls yammering about perjury. Perjury is the last refuge of the persecutor who has given up the ghost on his accusations and needs a fall-back plan.


The other candidates for the Democratic nomination find themselves in rare agreement with Erick Erickson. In fact, they’re really wishing it had never happened.

They better move fast. If they don’t launch the meme today, they won’t get any traction beyond their circle of Hillary-haters. Once you’ve lost the NYT…


I disagree. The Benghazi hearing was the single greatest advertisement for Hillary Clinton (or any Democratic Presidential candidate) ever. Congressional Republicans did everything they could yesterday to get her elected and I, for one, would like to thank them for their effort. Hillary should send them a check.


You knew this was coming…


He may drag it on a bit longer, but probably not much. There will be no more open testimony from anybody, however.

He can drag it on because there is no Leadership. But once that is in place, its going to be put at the top of Ryan’s “TO-DO” list.


75% of U.S. Citizens: Conservatism Was ‘A Waste Of Time’


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Haha…made me think of this scene…

"There will be no scalp collection."

Au contraire. After this debacle, the nation will be collecting a Republican scalp yet to be determined come November 2016.


HRC was a lawyer, in the white house for 8 years, in the senate, and Sec. of State. There is no way the the committee was going to rattler her in any event. Given the kidney punch McCarthy gave Gowdy and the committee so recently, the outcome here should have been obvious to all of us.