Discussion: Episcopal Bishop Infuses Memorable American Flair Into Royal Wedding

Pitch perfect. All I can say.


It was wonderful. He quoted or referred to two of many of my favorite scriptures. Brought a tear to the eye.


I am glad he did not quote Senator Bulworth (Warren Beatty) about fixing racial problems once and for all.

It wasn’t “American flair,” but Black American religious flair. The vast majority of white churches don’t have that flair. The headline is appropriating for all Americans something that isn’t.


Jake and Elliott Blues would have moved and approved.


I got to see a little bit of the live broadcast because, unfortunately, my mom and I had to take my dad to the emergency room (he’s probably going to be fine) in the wee hours. The TV was tuned to coverage of the wedding.

Curry was a freaking rock star, in the best possible way. He captured everybody’s attention, but he drew attention to his message, not to himself. In the days leading up to the wedding, I would have told you to put me down like a terminally ill dog if the other choice was having to watch any of the wedding. That would have been a big mistake. Dead dogs were climbing out of the pet cemetery to hear Curry.

My favorite part was one of the camera cuts to Harry and Meghan while Curry spoke, showing them enjoying the hell out of an event that traditionally owns the word “staid” and is an ordeal for the participants.


Michael Curry is Presiding (chief) Bishop of the majority white US Episcopal Church. He is who he is, the real thing. He officiated at the wedding of friends of mine some years ago and preached a similar sermon.

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An African-American Episcopal bishop weaving a French Jesuit, and at that a Jesuit not entirely approved of, into his homily–that was a special moment in an uver special homily. That might’ve been the best one I’ve ever heard.

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Yeah, I hope you all don’t mind if I appropriate my presiding bishop.

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Make no mistake Curry isn’t the minister at a predominantly black church. The Episcopal Church is the American cousin of the Church of England. Loads of blue bloods belong to it. Many of the founding fathers were at least nominal members of the Episcopal Church. The Bishop brings a black flair to that tradition which is normally just as formal and staid as the Anglicans.

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Jake and Elliott Blues would have moved and approved.

It’s Elwood, please. I sort of expected the good Bishop Curry to take a run down the aisle spinning CartWheels…

I liked the soprano, who sang, when the bride entered…

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I go to my Episcopal Church this morning. I give the sermon and serve at the altar. I’m happy to be doing that. I’m not Bishop Curry and I don’t expect to be a rock star during the sermon. I’m glad we have Bishop Curry, I have heard him preach, his sermon at the wedding was brilliant, he toned it down a little bit for the British.
Good choice for the wedding. Brilliant sermon.

Call me an old buzzard, but I can’t stand that style of preaching. But I’m from New England in the low church tradition, so there’s that.

Good sermons like this make me sad that America ceded “religion” to hateful evangelical hypocrites. If Curry was the norm and we made more of an effort to separate government and religion, I would be proud to call myself religious.

My bad.