Discussion: Ed Dept. Sec: DeVos Uses Private Jet To Tour Schools At 'Zero Cost To Taxpayers'

“I could never travel commercial or government-owned airplanes,” she said. “That would be icky. Plus you know who travel on those? Regular people. Could you imagine having to travel like regular people? Oh, my word. Heaven forbid!”


This seems a bit like waving a red flag in front of the press bull.

FOIA request for DeVos’s expense reports incoming!!


It’s waste, fraud and abuse, no matter whether she pays for it or we do, because as a matter of fact, the nation will pay for her ignorance and mendacity.


Ironic that someone so filthy dirty can be associated with Amway products…


Hill would not disclose details about the model or any other characteristics of the aircraft.

Many plane spotters are saying.


I’m disposed to view DeVos with suspicion, but I don’t really have a problem with this.

DeVos is a rare bird in this administration in that she doesn’t seem to be corrupt or malicious or even particularly dishonest (intellectually dishonest, sure). She is still pretty awful in her own ways, but it’s widely believed by critics and skeptics that her positions are sincerely held, and that she really believes she is helping people, and moreover, that she really does want to help people. Her main problem is that she wants to help one person at a time and let the rest fall through the cracks, and that she doesn’t understand what people actually need.

I heard an excellent report on her time mentoring individual students in public schools. She essentially bought her way into her mentee’s hearts. She bought a car for one student’s mother (a Spanish-speaking immigrant) and gave her a job doing her family’s laundry. The student, now 17, has a part-time job cleaning houses. So I don’t know what to say other than that DeVos used her money, care and influence to help two disadvantaged Latinas become domestics. They’re extremely grateful, of course, but you know…



Well, if it doesn’t cost us let her use it.
When she flies around on her broom, it musses her coiff.


DeVos, a long-standing charter and private school advocate, is married to Dick DeVos, the heir to the Amway marketing fortune.

I keep forgetting that her fortune is built on a pyramid scam. Such a perfect bedfellow for donnie, whose current business interests are mostly scams, and whose claim that his fortune is self-made is also a scam.


Our tax dollars which pay her for her incompetence as Education Secretary should be donated to charity?

Which charity is that? Christian charter schools?


Some people do make a lot of money in such scams, while most languish. In fact, it is necessary for most people to fail for anyone to make any money doing this. This is capitalism (and Calvinism) in microcosm and it reflects the principles under which DeVos advocates: most people must necessarily fail, and the trick is to separate people with potential from those without. This is anathema to public education, which is founded on the principle that potential is nurtured, not scouted.


I get your point - all rather Leonna-ish. But on my outrage meter… in this point, shrug. If anything it puts Price in an even worse light. If she wants to spend her own time to make travel faster by skipping layovers and the like - on her dime. So be it. As long as it is verified that it is on her own dime.


The difference between DeVos and Price is that DeVos actually believes what she says. It may be utterly wrong and she may be completely ignorant of public schools but she believe what she says. Price is a grifter, front and center. He has used his previous job to enrich himself illegally and every decision he makes is based on how it will benefit him personally. He’s kind of like Mnuchin: personally rich but cheap.


DeVos just wants to gut public education, that is all she wants. What is a little travel money compared to gutting public education? Her company probably gets kickbacks from the for profit companies she is getting contracts for. She is getting paid, you can believe it.


If you think her “excursions” on her “personal” transportation device are “cost-free”, I would first look at her tax deductions and come to that conclusion with facts rather than speculation.


FIFY! :wink:

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Not to mention every person that’s accompanied her as part of her “government” work and the discussions they had while on board.

If you’re using a personal private jet for government work, you’re hiding something.


I’m more than a little concerned with the notion of flying around on government business in your own personal jet, not only because of the optics, but because it means that there’s no accountability. We don’t know who’s flying, who’s flying with her, what the security is for infllight discussions or carriage of sensitive materials and so forth.


What’s with the quotes? I didn’t say any of that.