Discussion: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Endorses Cruz After Duck Hunting Trip (VIDEO)

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Does anyone care?

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Why is this man’s face covered in shit? Oh, it’s duck shit you say. That would explain it.


sCruz still hasn’t dragged down the Koveted KKK endorsement. So there! (quack)

Is that visage human?

Good grief…

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Another lesson in how not to be seen. Use camo paint on your face whilst leaving your bright white scraggly beard exposed.

Duck blind?

Phil Robertson endorses Ted Cruz.
Wacko Birds of a feather I guess.

Is this supposed to be a good thing?

Oh Christ, This changes everything!

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“He’s godly, he loves us, but most of all his check cleared.”

I didn’t think you could go any lower than endorsing David Vitter, but alas, I was wrong.