Discussion: Drug Trafficker: 'El Chapo' Paid $100M Bribe To Ex-Mexican Prez Peña Nieto

Donnie: Damn, how do I get in on that sweet deal?


El Chapo, man. When he sends a message he sends a message.


Receipt or it didn’t happen.

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Trump’s probably jealous. Putin likely bought him for way less than $100 million.


Putin paid nothing, he has photographs and video tapes…

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NEW YORK (AP) — Mexican cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman boasted to jailers today that if he were free he could “own” the US Coast Guard for a song.

Speaking in Spanish, the narco-trafficker allegedly told Metropolitan Correctional Center guards that he “could own every weak link in the chain. That stupid bastard is handing it to anybody con efectivo y una sonrisa (with cash and a smile).”

During the exchange the drug lord referred to President Donald Trump as la naranja (the orange [one]), don Hinchado (Mr. Bloated) and, repeatedly, as esa cabeza de calabaza estúpida (that stupid pumpkin head). Guards noted that, in nearly two hours of conversation, Guzman never called the President by name.

“[He] always accuses me, people like me, of being a threat to the well-being of his country, that we’re out to destroy it,” he said. “He doesn’t need me. We don’t crash our market. We like to eat.”


Well, you do have to admire his insight.


I don’t know…I give it 50/50 it did happen. Who the fuck knows? Can this guy be believed? What other evidence do they have besides the word of a criminal?

I’m sure Donald Trump would pardon him for $100 million… and might for less.


Still ain’t payin’ for no wall!

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Now we know why Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. President Pena has the cash.

Problem solved.

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Heh-heh-heh…I think we can work with this one. He’s not all bad.


Fucking chicken feed, Donald has collected HUNDREDS of millions in “loans” from Putin linked bankers and oligarchs. And he’s laundered hundreds of millions more for the Russian mob. Nope, if true Pena is a piker compared to Donald.

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Folks in his business need to live in the real world, seeing through bullshit is a critical survival skill. Donald wouldn’t last long in that kind of business.

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