Discussion: Drone Laced With Radiation Found On Japanese Prime Minister's Roof

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Oh Brother! Or should I say O Big Brother?
This is the kind of “Indecent” that governments all over will use to clamp down on people, and make sure that governments are the only ones who can fly anything other than a kite.
I’m no Libertarian, nor am I someone who sees pilots behind every blade of grass, but something about this kind of thing just sits wrong with me. It sounds like something some bored functionary came up with after reading too many pulp spy novels.
This is the creeping, leaping National security state. Because you know very well, the Americans will be the second people to throw a hissy fit, scream the “Magic T Word” and have an excuse to clamp down all the more.
This is excuse by proxy, because you know bloody good and well what would happen to the “Media” in the US, if this happened in War-shington, This way, US “OAF-icials” can use the old “Take a lesson from events overseas” to crack down here and not pay a penny packet for it politically here at home. Nice, huh?
A Threat? Don’t make me laugh!

Depending on where you’ve been in Japan, anything or anybody could be deemed radioactive. The tsunami washed over a nuclear facility and went as far as 7 miles inland. The facility is still leaking radiation and a plume of radioactivity has spread all the way to CA, AK and Canada. Is it any wonder things are starting to glow?

BTW, that is a nice drone photo of ‘the Prime Minister’s Roof.’