Discussion: Don Blankenship Reminds Voters That Trump Got It Wrong On Roy Moore

I swear to god, this man looks like an aging Adolf Hitler. Just trim the mustache and hair a bit.


Fat fucking felon says what? If I were him I’d worry about hiring more security…those dead miners’ families probably haven’t forgot about him murdering their relatives.


“My accusers are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, not anyone I’ve damaged…”

Those 29 miners can’t really accuse anyone at the moment, since they’re dead.


It is a little horrifying to watch the Republican Party disintegrating before my very eyes.

Blankenship reminds the voters that Donald supported a child molesting nutjob. And seems to forget that Donald will almost certainly point out that Blankenship is, you know, a convicted felon. This is what the GOP has become. The party of Felons, Perverts, and Traitors. (You can list that in any order you like; I don’t think the voters care.)


‘“My accusers are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’…truly. We do not need megalomaniacs like this yahoo in the US Senate. We are trying to cull the ones OUT that snuck in there …


“Vote for me! I may have killed 29 miners but I won’t sniff your daughters’ panties!”


and I can tell you, I am more capable of representing you than anyone you ever sent to the U.S. Senate.

I fear this is true, although not in the way Blankenship means it.


“I mean, he recommended that people vote for a guy that was basically accused of pedophilia in Alabama.


‘My accusers are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’

Obama and Clinton don’t ever waste their time thinking about your murdering ass, bitch. They wouldn’t even give you the time of day.


I don’t understand the fuss. He’s a murderer, big deal, he’s still a Republican. He’ll be a great member of the team. Sad.


Worry not – there’s a batshit crazy response to that!


Reminds me of “9/11 was an inside job” …


great take from commenter at rawstory - thought he nailed it quite well:

Californian Dreamer • 34 minutes ago
The republican party is full of conspiracy theorists, racists, and moral degenerates that believe gay people and women are evil. I would bet Blankenship gets the nomination because the basket of deplorables will be the largest voting faction in the primary. There are a faction of Trump supporters that view Trump as a figurehead of Trumpism, meaning that they do not necessarily like him, trust him, or respect him, they just see him as a vehicle to tear down our government. The Alex Jones listeners and the End Timers have made a Faustian bargain. If Blankenship will do more damage to the USA, they will vote for him. These people are not American, they are the same sort of filth that started the Civil War. They do not like our government. These are the Ruby Ridgers, the Waco freaks, and the Timothy McVeigh sorts. They are a virus and they’ve infected the republican base. I don’t see how they come back from this, because when the fringe takes over the entire rug you cannot call it “fringe” anymore, it’s just a shredded rug.


I’ve always thought holding office might be a challenge I was up to. However, my background really doesn’t lend itself to a run for office. Maybe this Halloween I’ll poison a bunch of candy and give it out to children. That would at least get me the GOP nod in the primaries.


And…WV voters will be getting it wrong if they vote for this human cess pool…since when do we consider convicted felons for critical positions in the Senate…


Don’t be ridiculous, you can’t just go around poisoning children in hopes of getting the GOP nomination.

Now if you make that “poisoning black and brown children,” then you’re getting somewhere.

Or you could molest a few…that seems to help too.


I thought about that, but the choice between getting caught with a dead girl or a live boy has always vexed me.


If Blankenship can “out Trump Trump”, then he’ll be doing more than sniffing them.


a) He and Roy Moore don’t know how to use their ‘indoor voice’.

b) not using his ‘indoor voice’ got Trump elected.

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