Discussion: Diplomacy Intensifies As 510 Palestinians, 20 Israelis Dead

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Boycott. Divestment. Sanctions.


510 killed and more than 3,100 wounded Palestinians.
So strange that the only ones who don’t want the carnage to stop is Hamas.
Gaza needs to be turned over to Egypt or maybe even a U.N. peacekeeping force. Someone who actually cares about these people.
Of course Hamas would just start killing the UN troops …

The occupation itself is the cause of the dead and wounded. Even many Israelis recognize this.


In the real world, Hamas stops shooting rockets into Israel, no invasion, no bombings, no 500+ dead civilians.

Israel isn’t going anywhere, decide to make peace with them or decide to shoot rockets at them, but at least own the consequences of your actions.

Israel wants to eliminate Hamas.
Hamas wants to eliminate Israel.
Why blame one side more than the other? IMHO, they are both the same. Until the moderates on both side take over, you may as well call the region a religious fanatic’s bloody utopia.
Meanwhile, innocent Palestinian women and children are mostly being killed while the war makers stay safe.

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Because one side agreed to a cease fire and one side refuses to stop shooting rockets.

I’m not commenting on the last 60 yrs of Mid East politics here, or even the last decade. I’m saying right here right now Hamas owns this and all the death and destruction that comes with it.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a nation founded by terrorist acts would care about the lives of anyone but their own kind.

I can play that game…I don’t know what happened in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s, but these Israelis should stop being such murdering assholes.

You write,
“…but at least own the consequences of your actions.”

Sage advice. Perhaps Israel might consider that while they are killing hundreds of civilians.

And we Americans should remember that when we give Israel money for weapons.


Egypt’s cease fire proposal never was a serious, even handed truce. No one with a brain expected Hamas to sign it. Egypt hates Hamas as much as Israel because they are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Israel’s right-wing provoked their military action when a police action back in mid June would’ve sufficed to arrest the Israeli teen kidnapers/ murderers. Instead, Netanyahu fanned the flames for over two weeks while provoking Hamas in a reaction then gaining popular support for an escalation of a military action.

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What? You mean Israel permits Gaza morgue refrigerators to actually work?! What kind of a colonizer does that?

Maybe they should, never said Israel was perfect, but they’re not killing their own here, Hamas most definitely is.
Not sure how many other 21st century governments would willingly, in fact purposefully sacrifice their citizens for … what?
So they can take out a functioning democracy and install a fundamentalist theocracy?
If that’s what you want to do, what you want to support, fine, but you’re never going to convince me that that shooting rockets over the border until they send tanks and planes against you in is a promising strategy to achieve that.

As inexcusable the actions of Hamas, none of this violence would have happened without the original sin of colonialist Israel.

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Time to pull out of the entire region and let them all blow each other to bits.

Because when they finish mopping up the cornered and trapped Palestinians, they’re going to take their warmonging freakshow on the road.

Eventually, enough will line up against Israel that it will finally get the bloody nose it’s been giving to everyone else.

Hamas’ actions are inexcusable and ultimately detrimental to their ultimate cause. That said, when there is no end in sight to the occupation and no end in sight to the crippling blockades and no end in sight to the arbitrary detention without charge or trial, then you can understand that these people may act out in a desperate manner. No matter how you look at this, the original sin was committed by colonialist Israel and an acknowledgement of this is the first step towards any kind of justice.

By that argument, any violence against the United States by Mexicans or Native Americans could be justified by our “original sin.” Any violence against Poles or Czechs by Germans could be justified by their “original sin” in expelling millions of Germans in 1945. Any violence against Indians by Muslims or against Pakistanis by Hindus could be justified by their “original sins” of 1947. And so on, and so on.

In fact, why not go even further–how about violence by Christians against Muslims being justified by their “original sin” in the 7th century?

It’s precisely this kind of attitude of going back and forth with what happened in the past instead of trying to figure out how to build the future is what helps perpetuate the violence.

Those bloody noses have tended to happen precisely because Israel’s neighbors “lined up” against it.

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At the rate they’re going, the list of aggrieved foes can only grow out of control, not get smaller (unless they’d like to genocide the whole region).

They just made 1.9 million more “hardcore jihadists” with their campaign in Gaza.

Another generation will now hate because the IDF killed their (choose one: father, mother, sibling, uncle, aunt, grandma, grampa, cousin).

There’s no end in sight because they don’t want it to end. Yassar Arafat could have ended this decades ago, Assad could end this, Hamas could end this. Unfortunately, the Palestinians keep finding leaders who hate the Jews more than they love the Palestinians.
You are absolutely right that the Palestinians are living in squalor, but you are mistaken to think that Hamas has any desire to bring them out of that.