Discussion: Despite Previous Attempts To Woo Her, Trump Slimes 'Liberal' Heitkamp At Rally

I think when Trump finally drops dead the parties thrown in some households will rival what they put together for New Year’s Eve.

There are folks who say that Heitkamp is going to flee the Democratic party in the upcoming Supreme Court nomination fight. I think that is bunk. Her best chance is to really gin up the abortion issue in her state. Now that it looks like the pro-abortion forces are going to win, we are going to discover that Roe v Wade has mostly propped up the Republican party all these years. Since the issue looks like it is going to be decided once and for all, the majority of voters who have been on the sidelines are going to assert themselves.

You have to understand abortion has been used as a culture war issue by the Republicans to secure an important part of their base, but Evangelical Christians don’t make up a majority in this country or even in most states. Once the majority realizes the courts don’t have their backs, they are going to be energized against the minority. Much of the history of the last 40 years has been based on a power dynamic that involved an indifferent majority who thought they had won in the Supreme Court and a red hot minority who thought they were on a Mission From God. Heat up the majority and the minority will lose again.

Dems need to win the Senate somehow, although I feel the prospects are minimal. But say they do eke out a slim majority, 51-49. Now you have Heitkamp and Joe Manchin lording over the majority and essentially calling the shots on every damned fight to be had. Having those two knuckleheads run the Senate would be almost as damned frustrating as the current situation.

Knuckleheads? They’re solid votes on most of the issues that are at the core of the Trump disaster; his wrecking of healthcare, the attack on minimum wage laws and working conditions, the criminality, the tax recklessness, the corporate giveaways.

RANSON, W.Va. — Joe Manchin wants you to know he really likes Donald Trump.

The West Virginia senator doesn’t put it quite that way. But more than any other Democrat in Congress, he’s positioned himself as a vocal Trump ally. In fact, the senator, up for reelection in a state Trump won by more than 40 points, told POLITICO he isn’t ruling out endorsing Trump for reelection in 2020 — a position practically unheard of for a politician with a “D” next to his name.

“I’m open to supporting the person who I think is best for my country and my state,” Manchin said this week from the driver’s seat of his Grand Cherokee, insisting he’s game to work with any president of either party. “If his policies are best, I’ll be right there.”