Discussion: Dems: 'We Are All Pulling Our Hair Out' Over Tuesday's California Primaries


I voted against the jungle primary because it seemed like the scenario we now have would be the result. I see a lot of ads from Jacob and Kerr, who have negative ads against Dems, and are both self-funding, and both jumped in long after Applegate and Levin had been working for the seat. I’m hoping the Dems prevail. My district is Duncan Hunter’s and we have a really good candidate who is working hard and is also facing a negative campaign from another Democrat while leaving Hunter unscathed. Jungle primary indeed.


Exactly. The “jungle primary” is so appealing to the younger “Why do we need parties?” voters of the Berner variety, but here you see the result of that sort of idea.


Jon Bauman, an actor and longtime Democratic activist best known as Bowzer from Sha Na Na

At this point, I’ve seen him introduced this way in so many stories where he’s simply doing political activism that it’s probably time to just start calling him “Jon Bauman, Democratic activist.”

Free Bowser!


Really, thanks! This was fantastically informative, I see a lot of shallow “analysis” of these races and the jungle primary “problem” in general, with little real data or consideration of the actual effects (short and long term) of the top-two system. In my view as a Californian, this is a positive step in the direction of more accountable democracy. It might cost Democrats now and again, but on the whole it is just as likely to help them. And in any case, its partisan effects are less important than its effectiveness in translating the public will to the government.

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I really wish our Media Overlords would make up their minds about the California primary. One week it’s the greatest and fairest thing since the constitution was signed. The next day it’s a hot mess that’s going to destroy all Democrats inside AND outside the state.


There are two problems here, California’s jungle primary, and i REALLY hope that someone is trying to get a referendum reverse this on the ballot, and self dealing by DNC/DCCC tied consultants.

Honestly, a lot of the folks are running because they have been aggressively recruiter/supported by political consultants because they are rich, naive, and not too bright, which is a great way to rack up big consulting fees, because these folks spend big on media, which is where the consultants get their vigorish.

So long as we have a national party apparatus where the professional staff is working primarily for the benefit of consultants, this sh%$ will happen over, and over, and over, and over again.


We were for it until we were against it. When it favors us, it is awesome. When it doesn’t, it’s the devil’s own.

Notice that once again, the future of the Nation (apparently) rests with California. If we don’t take back the House in November, it will be the fault of California’s primary. If we do take back the House, it will be because of some brave person in Iowa or Wyoming or Georgia.

Today coverage makes California out to be the Goat. Wednesday, it could be the Hero. Stay tuned.


I already sent in an absentee ballot, and I’ll vote for Rouda a couple more times tomorrow. I don’t know what else I can do. So upsetting!

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I voted for him 6 times already, and I’m in New York! Why are you dragging your feet?


I was actually thinking the same.

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California’s jungle primary, brought to you by the insane initiative system in my state.
Just as Kansas has been destroyed by extreme right-wingers, California is at risk of imploding because of too many “progressive” “reformers” anxious to blow up whatever system has worked well in the past.
Between this system and ranked choice voting, the result has increasingly been numerous cases where people with the actual majority of the vote don’t get elected.


All I can say is go Gil!!

Dear Democratic Voters,

Remember how, when you bitched about the quality of the candidates we presented to you, we said, “Hey, if you don’t like our candidates, than get off of your lazy, complaining asses and run for office yourself!” You weren’t supposed to actually call our bluff. Now get back in line!


The Democratic Party.

(I will note that this is also the case in states that don’t suffer from the absolute stupidity of the jungle primary system.)

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Jungle primary seems like a too-clever-by-half idea. This could be a massive own goal for Cali Democrats.

My understanding is that the jungle primary was the brilliant idea of genius Democrats, who thought stoking partisan loyalty was hurting Democratic candidates.

Stop playing games and Just. Let. Everybody. Vote.

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All this would have gone a lot more smoothly if the current crew of establishment dems had admitted their neoliberal ideology is based on classist fallacies and listened to their much more enlightened base about how to make America great again by learning from all the countries around the world that do it better.

But no and now of course they’re blaming their victims again.

I see your problem, you think things have worked well in the past. For the Purity Brigade, clearly since we don’t have a purely progressive government already in place, this proves this not to be true.

Personally, I’ve been telling everybody I speak to about this to put your own personal goals on the shelf for this round - we absolutely need to scare the living bejeesus out of the Replublican party if we’re to get any changes, so please - vote and vote strategically. For Californians, this may mean voting for your favorite candidate in the primary (assuming this doesn’t “pull a Trump” and spread the Democratic vote across 13 candidates, leaving two Republicans at the top of the ticket), but once we get to the Big Show, please don’t do anything but vote them out.

If we don’t scare them enough, they’ll continue to sit on the fence and watch Cadet Bonespur screw things up. Those already in it up to their eyeballs should be considered lost until the indictments are all distributed, but assuming not every single one of them in corrupted, the rest should then be able to start the long road back…

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So glad you posted this – I came here to do the same, but I’m so late to the thread I feared nobody’d see it. Thank you, and the Crooked folks…now for CA Dems to use that info productively!

@jcblues: yup; it needs to be made clear to these vanity candidates that if they’re seen as having cost us a seat – and worse, the House (god of your choice forbid) – they will have destroyed their chances for a future in politics.

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