Discussion: Dems Blast House Republicans' DHS Funding Strategy

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Even more proof, that the gop/bag congress and senate canNOT govern.

And right before the next presidential election starts, too.

Wish it was right before; the last shutdown, which affected most of the government, went right down the memory hole. Though they caught a break with the ACA rollout, and this expanded Crazy Caucus seem to be slow learners, so we’ll probably be seeing more of this sort of thing.

And thanks to the AP reporter who made clear that it’s just their opinion that Obama’s executive action is unconstitutional every time it occurred in the story. Because it’s not: for anyone who isn’t sure (which seems to include too many Democrats), not only does the president have the authority to prioritize who does and does not get deported via the DoJ’s prosecutorial discretion, but there’s a specific provision of the 1986 law that allows for the issuance of work permits for anyone in the “deferred action” class, whether or not they’d ultimately be deemed eligible for legal residence. We can’t deport 40 million people; Obama’s action affects no more people, proportionately, than Bush senior’s; and his action is completely within his constitutional authority. See this transcript of Lawrence O’Donnell’s show for immigration expert Muzaffar Chishti’s explanation:

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I believe you must believe what I am paid to believe… I will dedicate myself to optimize your ability to sacrifice all and anything to ensure I am paid for my convictions, no matter what he cost to you and everyone who does not believe I am an instrument of the greater good for the greater amuricanz… like charley and dave


Democrats lacked the votes Friday to force Republicans to fund the department for a year with no strings. Still, even some Republicans say party leaders are on a perilous path with a very public ideological struggle only highlighting the GOP’s inability to pass contested legislation and possibly worsening its weak relationship with Hispanic voters. …

Conservatives defend their doggedness. They say they courageously are keeping promises to oppose President Barack Obama’s liberalization of deportation policies, which they consider unconstitutional.

I’m really not sure, from a journalist perspective, that it’s doing justice to your readers, or displaying objectivity, to call people who hold up anti-terrorist funding because the President decided there weren’t enough resources to deport every Hispanic in the country Conservatives.

They’re not conservatives; they’re bigots – unless we’ve reached the point where there is no longer any meaningful linguistic difference between bigot and conservative, which I concede may be true.

In that case, it’s perfectly legitimate. But if it’s not the case, then calling such bigots conservatives is an insult to actual conservatives.

Of course, the fact that most self-identified conservatives would disagree with that assessment does lend credence to the idea that there is no meaningful linguistic difference between the two words anymore.

Phony Conservatives, fighting the bad fight because they are dumbasses representing dumberasses.

This is a ‘strategy’, conflate immigration actions with the funding of our national security, the very department in fact that is the basis of conservative pride, Homeland Security, and threaten a shutdown, then swear not to budge because Obama must be stopped from doing what their leaders have repeatedly done without question, stand by as your party is raked through the mud, embolden the enemy, get called out as phonies by your own leadership, then prepare for the always inevitable bail before you completely alienate the most important growing demographic in the US.

Hating on Obama and doing any dumbass thing that can be thought up in the furtherance of somehow hopefully damaging him isn’t a strategy, its a sickness sanctioned by the Congress of the United States of America. Conservatives deserve to be ridiculed and laughed at, like Newt Gingrich during his laughable shutdown.

New clowns, same act.

I must say yet again that the GOP did not have to pick this fight. Had they used their brains they would have dealt with immigration reform years, decades ago. We all know the system needs updating. But the GOP chose to do nothing and more or less forced Obama to take action. And when he did it rankled them just as it should. Now it’s a multi-layered power struggle between Obama, the Senate GOP, the House GOP and within the GOP itself. Boehner has to head cats to get anything done within his caucus.