Discussion: Dems And GOPers Chase Doomed Bills For Female Voters

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Ok…the headline is the worst sort of false equivalency. Dems voted on a bill to fix the atrocity of the HL ruling and of course, republicans stymied it.

They then tried to pass a meaningless gesture in the form of a motion,in an attempt to wash the stink off of them.

And somehow, that gets twisted into…both parties pursuing doomed bills.


The very fact that Republicans feel they are vulnerable in regards to women voters tells the true story. The GOP thinks women are inferior but must be pandered to and courted into submission. They are demonstrating how their “legitimate rape” claim works. Sure to excite women everywhere.


I can’t get the image out of my head–the Catholic guys on the Supreme Court smirking like six pedophiles after they wrote that trash. But at least the Dems are grandstanding on the subject (rather than doing any thing serious about it of course).

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But what are their alternatives? What else can they do that they’re not doing already?


Yeah, I wonder if whoever grabbed this story off the AP just kept the AP headline.

The “both parties must cater to their ideological bases” line is an even worse bit of false equivalency. The idea that there is some mirror image equivalent to the right wing base crazies on the left is a narrative construct of the AP and other MSM asshats, not a thing that actually exists in the real world.

The right wing base is feared in the Republican Party and its desires and whims are catered to with the obsequiesness of, say, Lanny Davis catering to a homicidal dictator. There is no comparable force on the left with the ideological coherence, reliable voting strength, source of donations, commitment to state and local activism of the Fox Toxxed base of the right. The result is that all of the bills the Democrats are supposedly pushing to placate their “base” are actually just bills regular people who are neither one percenters nor denizens of the Village support by wide margins.