Discussion: Democrats Target GOPer Perdue With Georgia Primary Just A Few Days Away

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How embarrassingly hypocritical. Can’t wait to see how this is defended here.

"David Perdue, Karen Handel and Jack Kingston are fundamentally flawed candidates who all have weaknesses in their records that will be hard to defend in a general election," Canter wrote.

Did you see who Canter didn’t mention – Phil Gingrey, the craziest of them all! His big flaw is he keeps flapping his piehole, and is almost sure to have an Akin/Mourdock moment if he’s the GOP nominee. That’s a Nunn win for sure. It won’t happen (if we believe the polls), but we’ll see what does happen on Tuesday.

DSCC going for the pyrrhic victory here. Our ideological position is that raising taxes is necessary, and here we’ve got a GOPer making the case that his side is wrong and we try to shoot him down.

And given his wide lead in the primary, all you’re doing is boxing yourself in for the future. Nunn has a decent shot in the general even against Perdue. DSCC’s position makes absolutely no sense. None whatsoever.

Sadly, neither Gingrey or Broun (another idiot suffering from foot in mouth disease) is going to make it to the run off…and there is going to be a run off,because nobody is even close to 50%.

Perdue has essentially bought his standing in the polls, outspending everyone else to increase his name recognition and staying away from the outlandish crazy talk that Gingrey and Broun embraced. The question is though, given that the primary will almost certainly be a low attendance event, does he have the organization to get voters to the polls. Right now, the thinking seems to be that Handel has the edge in that department.

Perdue is the candidate that Nunn wants to run against the least, however. Besides being well funded, he, like her, has never run for office before. So there is no record to point to. That sets up a dance between them, both daring the other to actually take a policy position. Such a campaign will fall back on voter’s party identification, which is not going to be good for Nunn.

Her entire campaign to date has been based upon “I am the sane candidate” with lots of “I love grandma” commercials (no exaggeration…that is one of her main commercials right now).

If Perdue wins the primary, he will be under very little pressure to go crazy. He plays much better in the Atlanta suburbs than rest of the pack, probably because he does shy away from the outright crazy statements. And if he doesn’t go for the crazy, Nunn’s campaign has big issues. Because in GA, white republican businessman who sounds sane > white non profit Dem lady that loves her grandma.

The DSCC doesn’t want Nunn running against Perdue. They want her running against one of the crazies. So anything the can do to hinder Perdue, they will.

That being said, an email at this point is going to make absolutely no difference. This is going to come down to which of the candidates has a better organization for turning out voters. The primary itself is going to be a very low voter turnout affair. The run off will probably be just as bad.


There will be a nasty primary no matter which two republicans come out on top. The two candidates will try to out do each other on who is more of a tea party conservative.

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And a step further.
Don’t think anyone’s being boxed-in by a single campaign attack slogan/message. This isn’t policy.

GA voters won’t retain specifics any longer than the primary.
The DSCC will use it as a one-off attack-- unless it’s effective.



Are you one of those low-information conservatives who thinks that Democrats are in favor of all taxes?

You really couldn’t be more wrong.

I will bet dimes to dollars that the revenue increase this businessman has in mind is from a sales tax, or some other tax that hits lower income people harder than himself or the greedy a$$holes he consorts with.

Handel has run statewide before. She was Secretary of State

No, I’m a Democrat who has been around TPM long enough to know how things go around here. So YOU really couldn’t be more wrong, I guess…

Yes, she also ran and lost the republican nomination for governor. That is why the thinking is she will have a better organization for turning out voters for the primary than Perdue has. Its money vs. organization, with Kingston having a little bit of both.

Honestly, I doubt he had anything in mind when he made the statement. It was a typical businessman answer,and as such, he wasn’t off base. A company doesn’t achieve long term success by only reducing its costs and never growing its revenues.

I suspect he didn’t think it through from a government perspective. That’s why when the interviewer pointed out that raising revenues in the government world means raising taxes,he quickly tried to hedge his answer.

The DSCC needs to learn from Claire McCaskill. She didn’t attack the opponent she preferred to avoid for being too moderate. She attacked the opponent she wanted for being too conservative, thereby driving the GOP base in the preferred direction. It would have been simple enough to attack the preferred opponents for refusing to raise taxes, unlike the more reasonable Perdue. Republican primary voters would do the rest.

Though I suppose this might turn Perdue crazy right on taxes and open a new line of attack.

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I tend to agree with the person that said attack the person you want to run against but what the heck. For the people who thought it was hypocritical see: Rove Defending McCain and Attacking Hillary. Beyond that it’s not hypocritical to want to defeat your opponent with any legal means at hand. Hope it works!!

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Have we fallen that far? Rove did it, so it’s not really hypocritical? Think about that.