Discussion: Democrats' 2018 Playbook: Hammer Republicans With ACA Repeal Vote

This will be interesting – now that Obama out of the picture, perhaps the “retro-branding” to the correct “ACA” moniker will work and the irrational, visceral reaction of many simply because “Obama” was in the nickname will evaporate.

Plus, the GOP is probably going to let that sleeping dog lie (since enough of their base never really understood “Obamacare” = “ACA”) rather than to revive the discussion about their inability to repeal as promised.

I guess this goes into the same ledger of GOP wins as “ensuring Obama will only be a one-term president”…


The Republican self-delusion that the Public doesn’t want “big government” is interesting. It is on a par with the notion people want lower – or no – taxes.

In reality, people want good government, that does it’s job ( like the Public wants it to do), and hang the taxes. If people see they are getting benefits from government (not entitlements, you turkeys), the cost is factored in. (And, of course, when they keep yelling “Government doesn’t work”, and set out to prove it when they get in power…)

Republicans used to believe that the role of government was whatever the people said, but of late they have come to preach the people don’t know what’s good for them. I.E. The Republicans don’t understand democracy, if they ever did.

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The Democrats will run and win on Healthcare for All, Medicare For All, a public option, whatever they choose to call it. We’re tired of nibbling around the edges and simultaneously watching ACA being destroyed in more and more creative ways.