Discussion: Dem Spills What GOPers Asked Sidney Blumenthal In Secret Testimony (VIDEO)

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Look at Hilary’s face on the split-screen. Is that the face of somebody’s whose figuring what an ad this long would cost or what?


Our side has been stellar in rebutting the GOPers. I just don’t know how what she did and didn’t say when the attack first happened has anything to do with what happened, and if this were really a truth seeking exercise they would realize this but we know that is not the purpose of this witch hunt.


Schiff & Smith have been terrific.
Poor HRC’s trying hard not to laugh at Roskam’s “theory”…


Surely her staff are. I think she’s feeling pretty good about her appear an e but it has to be monotonous to be asked the same shit over and over again and for what?


Roskam moves from “theory” to nag rather quickly, shorter than that long-ass “theory”…

What she is doing is rope-a-doping these clowns as well as revealing them for the screamin’ schoolmarms that they are.


And her disdain and schooling of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) … the ‘facts don’t fit your agenda’ guy. Off screen, she must have had to resist punching him in the nose … he’s just that damn stupid.

And right now the bimbette from IN (with the email stacks prop this morning) is trying to out-stoopid the others.

The GOP will have a tough time to spin this day to their advantage. (Though Faux will try.)


A wish I keep coming back to all day long is wishing that stupidity was physically painful. These buffoons would be rolling on the ground in the fetal position if it were.


I’m reading all of these accounts of today’s shit-circus in the House that all refer to Mrs Clinton’s testimony “on Thursday” in the past tense…all while I watch the proceeding live. I understand why…I just can’t remember this ever happening?

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Bbbbbbbbuuuttttt…none of this is about Hillary Clinton! Remember? Gowdy Doody said it wasn’t…so it must be true!



MAGNIFICENT! Go Brother!! I remember a few years ago that a small cadre of theologians jealously guarded the Dead Sea Scrolls from other researchers. Evidently the scrolls had been studied so carefully that each word was cataloged. Some enterprising wag just recreated the scrolls from this catalog … raise quite a furor for a while. Why not just catalog Blumenthal’s testimony in like fashion. Wonder what legal scholars would say about that?


To this Roman Catholic-raised observer, it’s very clear the fixation with Blumenthal is all about. And it’s not even new. The Republicans are sending a very clear message to the Christian faithful about the evil Jew puppeteer in the background, pulling Hillary’s strings.

This is almost straight out of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” There is ALWAYS a dastardly Jew behind the scenes, making bag things happen.


Thank God Schiff at least got this information out… is there any legal way to try to force the committee’s hand on releasing a full transcript of Blumenthal’s testimony? This whole farce just enrages me more and more.


I heard this part on the radio my the way to a meeting, it was sweet!

They’re doing it to themselves.

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You know, stupidity is physically painful, just not realized because of their state of biological anesthesia. Not to mention the drugs they are on. The anesthesia would eventually wear off without the drugs.

What we saw from Republican anarchists on that ridiculous committee is not a sign of competence but a sign of desperation. They’re in trouble and know it.

The problem? Americans are catching on to the wealthy right wing 1% and their hired politicians.

Years ago, my wife nailed Oliver North in a few words: “He’s not bright, but he follows instructions well.” The Republicans on the committee are brighter than North, but they sell themselves just as cheaply. All of them probably expect to be well-paid lobbyists one of these days.

The worst part, though, is that most of these Republicans half believe their own nonsense.


They asked so many questions that seemed to have nothing to do with what happened in benghazi what a complete waste of time and money.


Because they keep asking why a request for more security did not hit her desk explains that they have no knowledge of how the State Department works. Ambassadors have their own route to the security experts and it is more direct than going through lower levels to reach the Secretary. I believe they fully understand the inner workings of State but it is more advantageous to play the political card with innuendo and accusations , which proves this is merely political…a witch hunt. Reminds me of the old 'McCarthy hearings of the 50’s. Having said that, Hillary was amazing…cool under pressure, PRESIDENTIAL!!!

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