Discussion: Dem Rising Star Ocasio-Cortez Meets With Lawmakers At Capitol

I like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quite a lot, but can we wait until she actually is in office for a few years to hand the reigns of the Democratic Party to a 29 year old from the Democratic Socialists of America? That was just a thought.


And shouldn’t she be at home campaigning to make the case that her priority is/will be the constituents of the district? I am rooting for her, but its starting to look like she is on a national road-show at the very time when she should be campaigning sends a certain kind of message back home, and could backfire.


Alexandria, get ready to meet some old pickle farts. They don’t like youngiin’s gettin’ a slice of their pie. No they do not. You’re more charming and intelligent though. I think you’ll be fine.


I’m getting just a smidge concerned by the trend of “Hero Worship” That is seeming to surround her.
I hear a lot about her “message”, but just like Bernie before her… I’m not hearing specifics.

Also, the victory laps around the country for winning a primary for a New York seat, is a bit… premature.


The message…yes, but how different is her message from the rest of democrats, really? It’s like Sanders and HRC, their messages were very similar. The difference is in where the campaign money comes from and the charisma. Ocasio is charismatic and young and her stance appeals to her constituents which is great. However, what works in her district doesn’t necessarily work in western PA. That’s what dems have to keep in mind. The entire nation is not Sanders country as Greenwald, and the rest of far left believe. Right now, they continue to cause us problems of unity.

Yeah remember Al Franken? He was just a comedian all the Republisquats chuckled. Then he wrote a few books and a ton of bills. He sucked at grifing (A Repub specialty) Yeah we just have to wait.

The thing that has always worried me about the “Dems need a message!!1!!1!” Crowd.

Okay, you have a “message”… What’s the “plan”?

Republicans have done a good job of being an object lesson in why campaigning on a message with no plan to back it up is a disaster waiting to happen.

I want universal healthcare… but how do we get there? “Medicare for all” is a slogan not a plan. Student Loan reform and debt free college sounds wonderful… how’s that getting funded when we can barely get legislatiors to properly fund K-12? I know this stuff doesn’t make for good bumper stickers, but once you get people’s attention, you need to explain some of this.

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At the same time, no one was breathlessly running around declaring Al Franken the “New face of the Democratic Party” or writing navel gazing think pieces about how the party is changing because he won a primary, or whisking him about the country to campaign for not his seat before he even won his first non-primary campaign.


Exactly…that’s why I left Sanders campaign volunteering. The young people on it were all about “free this or that” but couldn’t answer how we’ll get there. Sanders just recently went to Canada to study their system. It’s going to take a huge tax increase all the way around. Europeans (French) pay lots in taxes, especially the rich. That’s why Sanders was never ever clear on how he would fulfill his agenda. Talking about increasing taxes is never even a popular message so Sanders talked about loopholes such as stock transaction fees etc…Obama had trouble with his plans and had democratic house and senate, and had to settle for ACA even if he wanted a universal plan. A good read, albeit difficult, is French economist’s book “Capital in 21st Century”…

Huh. The sound of terrified democrats.

Or… and hear me out here…

Maybe instead of “scared democrats”, it’s people who are concerned by a candidate taking victory laps around the country when the actual election she’s running in is in November and we can use just the last election as an object lesson in “Just because it’s a safe seat and looks like a sure thing… maybe focus on the election you actually need to win before you start measuring the drapes, because sure things and safe seats have been lost before.”

I don’t think the occasional trip with Bernie is anything out of the ordinary. How much time does she actually spend away from NYC?