Discussion: Dem Candidate Apologizes After Saying Scalia's Death Came At 'Good Time'

Stupid ass comment, but at least it was an apology, not a spin, walk-back, or joke.


Timing was horrible. Should’ve come much sooner so Congress wouldn’t have their stupid lame duck excuse not to hold hearings.


“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”
― Mark Twain


Well you know, Ted’s just not articulate…

  • Duncan Hunter

I understand what Strickland was saying. His sentiments are correct. Without wishing Scalia dead, a challenge to be sure, the timing was fortuitous for public unions. Good on him for apologizing for the horribly phrased commentary, though.


the comment “was an insensitive remark, and I apologize.”

(but it’s still true)


The party that hates political correctness as their muzzle reliably calls for it to keep the salt of honesty from their wounds.


Always a like for sachmo. :smile:


I love Louis and especially this song.


Politicians, like doctors, should have as an ethical requirement the admonition “First, do no harm”. How in the hell they consistently put their foot in their mouth after practicing their craft through a succession of elections and increasingly prominent offices is puzzling. It’s akin to the 50 year old orthopedic surgeon that amputates the wrong foot. WTF?

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Like Bette Davis, whose mother told her to only speak good of the dead, said of Joan Crawford’s passing: “She’s dead. Good.”


How insensitive. I think the below would have been more appropriate:

“I’m glad that Scalia had the foresight to trust the tobacco lobby’s claim that cigarettes are harmless and the steadfastness to deny Big Science’s fraudulent claims to the contrary.”


The GOP loves to invoke the notion that certain events are the handiwork of the Almighty. Of course, those events are 100% of the time beneficial to the GOP. But, when Scalia dies, the GOP says nothing about it being “God’s Plan”.

It’s totally fair game for Dems to turn the Providential Tables on the self-righteous douches and insist that The Invisible Man in the Sky wanted to kill Scalia in order to make the SCOTUS more liberal. Why not? More of that, please.

Oh, one more thing: Cruz (the Anointed One) lost, bigly. HRC will win…biggerly. God must want HRC to drive the car.


Still waiting for trump to apologize for threatening Hillary…I am fully aware it’s an open ended wait.




The Ohio Senate candidate said Wednesday in a statement released to TPM that the comment “was an insensitive remark, and I apologize.”

See, Donald? That’s how it’s done.

Of course, an apology for your Second Amendment comments won’t do any good at this point. The potential assassins who heard your plea aren’t going to stop whatever they’re planning just because you say you’re sorry. They heard what they wanted to hear, and any words from you to the contrary will simply be seen as a pro forma gesture you don’t really mean.


Two views:

First – Great timing. “We” are supposed to be a bit more nuanced about this sort of thing…

Second – Re Scalia’s death, while tragic for his family… A musical interlude is in order. (Appologies to the Misfits.)

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Brown’s comment is not totally unprecedented. Felix Frankfurter reportedly said, after Chief Justice Vinson died unexpectedly after the first oral argument in Brown v. Board of Education but before reargument, that this was “the first solid piece of evidence he had seen to prove the existence of God.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Frankfurter.

Of course, if Frankfurter actually said this he said it in private; it is bad form to publicly express pleasure that someone you dislike or have political differences with has died, with obvious exceptions of which Scalia was not one.


Interesting isn’t it that democrats hafta be sensitive and aware of the effects the words they utter have but GOPers do not. Nor do GOPers even hafta care to apologize for their insults and open threats to former elected officials.

It’s an interesting election cycle this time around.
I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep my anger in check.
I guess I’ll hafta check out a lotta dvd’s from my local library to prevent seeing news stories.