Discussion: Debate Fireworks Over Health Care Show An Area Where 2020 Dems Truly Differ

Is that a BAD thing? They ALL want health care for the majority of people they just have different ideas on how to GET there. Why are the pundits making this a HUGE deal? C’mon. Shut up and LISTEN.

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OT, Rachel please deliver a sharp elbow or, even better, a duct tape wrap over Chuck Todd’s pie hole. Worst debate questions ever.


Do we really want cloned candidates? Having different approaches is how problems get solved .

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This show can be called many things but a debate it wasn’t.

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Color me shocked, shocked. Damn, but i despise Chuckles “Not my job to inform the country” Toad.

I had a great union health plan for 32 years, Then I got sick, lost my commercial drivers license, and therefore lost my job.

All those years of pure profit for Aetna Blue Shield, then non of the expenses when I got older. That is the problem with private health insurance. It is simply another scam by the corporate elite. Take the cream, the profit. Then when the worker gets sick, pawn off the expenses on the American Taxpayer, or better yet, let the sick die.

Nobody even brings that up at these get togethers. It’s not even part of the conversation.


All passed. The winners from left to right: Booker, Castro, Warren.

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“We have a giant industry that wants our health care system to stay the way it is. Because it’s not working for families, but it’s sure as heck working for them,” she (Warren) said.

“I understand, there are a lot of politicians who say oh, it’s just possible, we just can’t do it, we have a lot of political reasons for this,” Warren said. “What they are really telling you is, they just won’t fight for it. Well health care is a basic human right and I will fight for basic human right.”

Warren defended her embrace of single payer by talking about the families who have gone broke under a health care system tilted towards insurance company’s pursuit of profits.

I’m one of those folks who had very good HC insurance thru my employer. I was also well on my way to retire at age 55 with well over $3Million in the retirement account. Then I got sick, my doctor said at the time they would make triplicate copies of all paperwork to be submitted to the HC companies. 1st was auto-rejected, 2nd was at least looked at before it also was rejected, the 3rd copy was usually approved. The only difference between copies, the date. Eventually, I also succumbed to medically induced bankruptcy and over the next 15 years of my career, even as a C level exec, I never recovered.


This was a great debate good job Democrats you did a good job of putting it together. Probably the best debate I’ve ever seen.

The person that stood out for me wasTulsi Gabbard representative from Hawaii.
Her answers were clear and concise, she served in the military and her answers were spot on I liked her a lot her potential to be president is great or at least vice president.

Seriously we have some great candidates, there are much better than what is lurking in the White House. Each and everyone of them I would do a better job than a loser in the White House. Our country would be better off with any one of these candidates that’s for dang sure.

Most of America does not believe that anyone who still works does not get great employer-healthcare. @ljb860

Those who are self-employed, or who work in small companies, or low paying jobs, just are not working hard enough. Besides there are Emergency rooms.

It is remarkable that this country is still debating (or not) whether health care without bankruptcy is a given.


Quick Debate Hot Take. I listened on radio livestream on a long drive so my impressions might be different from the tv watching audience.

  • Elizabeth Warren looks like a front runner. She will be within a statistical tie of Biden before too long imho. She has superb communication skills and she’ll punch Trump in the gut repeatedly.
  • Julian Castro was very impressive. He proved why many believe he should be getting the attention that has been bestowed on Buttigieg. He killed it on immigration and gutted Beto in the process. He’s a man of substance, heart and accomplishment. I think the Warren-Castro ticket got a big boost today.
  • Bill De Blasio, 'da Mayor!, showed up. He really has done some good things in NY and can speak to a lot of issues substantively.
  • Beto - Not that good. I liked his answer on the impeachment question, but he was gutted by Castro on the immigration issue. Did he and Booker really think that speaking crap Spanish was going to go over well with Castro on the stage? Really, this was the first day that I thought he should bow out.
  • Booker - Not that good either imho. I know Josh liked him, but he got clowned in the early portion of the debate and didn’t come across as a serious player to me who could take on Trump.
  • Klobuchar - Got off some good lines here and there, but still sounded like she’s running for Governor in a light red state. I don’t get her candidacy. When your highlight on addressing inequality for African Americans is a bill that Trump signed, you just don’t know your audience.
  • Inslee - reminded everyone that we all shoulda been talking about Trump more, and has one of the most accomplished records as a Governor who has implemented changes in voting rights, health care and climate change. Despite the fact that I like his agenda and record a lot, he didn’t make quite the impression that DeBlasio did among the back of the pack crew.
  • Delaney - Ya know…no. I didn’t really need his interruptions.
  • Tulsi - completely nuts. She can’t hold her stuff together for more than 5 minutes…well maybe 3 minutes. Her first few comments actually sounded reasonable and then she goes off on the break, hops on Twitter and blasts MSNBC for favoring Warren. Then, she gets into a back and forth with Ryan on the Iraq War and doesn’t seem to think the Taliban had anything to do with sheltering Bin Laden when 9/11 happened.
  • Tim Ryan - I thought he was good in the first hour then he lost me with his characterization of the party as a party of elites and playing up this forgotten man stuff.

I thought the fringe candidates, like Ryan and Tulsi, got too much air time. This field should’ve been cut to 7.


Yep. Booker and Warren did as expected. Castro did great. Beto fell flat. The rest made noise.

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This whole “end private insurance” question is the corporate media fear mongering. Other single payer systems still have private insurance. If you want to supplement what you are getting from the public option there are plenty of private companies out there willing to sell you a policy. Same would be true in the US. This is a non issue and meant to pit those that have employer based insurance against those who don’t.


Exactly - and it dangerous since it will become a talking point for the right and could scare union folks who might have good plans. I lived in France (for 12 years and had 3 kids there) where they have national healthcare but we also had a “mutuel” through our employers offering supplemental coverage. There was a baseline from the public option and the “mutuel” might cover at 200% of that so you could go to the fancy Parisian OB- GYN instead an outpatient appt with the doc at the public hospital. Also gave me a private room when I had a baby. Stuff like that…basic healthcare covered 80% and was reimbursed in 10 days by national healthcare (securite sociale); hospitalization baseline was 60% I believe. Baseline prices were much lower - a GP visit cost 30 Euros in 2004. Almost all preventative care was free. I had a colonoscopy at a private clinic. Got in within 3 weeks, had general anesthesia, didn’t pay a Euro out of pocket, and that was without the supplemental health insurance policy.

They are trying to create talking points for the Right!

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And Todd always invites creepy right wingers like Hugh Hewitt! Yiuck!

Exactly right. As usual the right wing, Dem establishment, and their media lapdogs are trying to scare people away from single payer and pit two groups against each other that should be allies. I just wish instead of trying to play by their rules, one of the candidates would say:
Private insurance will not be eliminated by publicly funded health-care. Just look at every other country that has it. Your question is absurd, and is meant to scare people. (Looks away from moderator at camera) To all the media and news personalities out there, if you posit that single payer will eliminate private insurance, you are liars. Stop trying to frighten people away from what is in their own best interests, even if your billionaire bosses will lose a fraction of their riches. Too bad!

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Klobuchar did point out that private and public together is how it works in most countries that have nat’l healthcare.

He was the total loser of the debate. Chuck just never ceases to sink to the level that you expect him to. He doesn’t disappoint in that respect.

He is a shallow thinker’s shallow thinker.