Discussion: Deal Master Trump Says Thanks But No Thanks To Dems' Advice On North Korea

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He’s calling this tremendous no-strings gift they’ve wanted for decades “the Summit the Dems could never set up” but never mind that, never mind, it helps to remember this is better than a devastating war in South Asia that could become a global nuclear holocaust very easily. This is better.


every thread in recent days could easily support the “this is fine” meme 100%.


What North Korea is getting: prestige and legitimacy, willingness on the part of Beijing and Moscow to ease up on sanctions enforcement, demonstrating to other parties that the Trump administration is a bad actor (following the JCPOA), asserting their right to keep their weapons.

What North Korea has given up: Nothing

What the United States is getting: a meeting with Kim Jong-Un that could’ve happened at any point in the past several decades

What the United States has given up: all of its leverage and credibility


Heh. This is better because anything is better. But better is not necessarily fine. :smile:


I don’t care what anyone says, the feckless cunt fruit did not fall far from the feckless cunt tree.

He really is getting worse, isn’t he? He’s decompensating before our eyes as Mueller closes in.

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Uh - usually Donald is attentive to thoughtful advice, even from those who oppose his policies.

It’s way too early to say anything. Let’s not be like the Trumpsters who are already declaring victory when the summit hasn’t actually happened yet. There are a near infinite ways they could screw this up beyond even our worst imaginings.

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I’m all too aware of that but not that long ago Bolton was in the driver’s seat and we were rattling that saber pretty hard. So I’ll stubbornly continue to insist that at the moment, we’re not touching off a major war and that’s better than touching off a major war.

Trump = Pig

Lost here is that I think this is a really smart move by Schumer. He set the guidelines for what a successful ‘deal’ would be, so when Trump gets nothing and claims it is a success, Schumer can point to his list and say–look, he failed.

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There’s not even a pretense or fig leaf offered to the concept that the President of the United States represents all Americans, not just the ones who are on his team.

No surprise, but it’s worth mentioning. We were properly upset with Dubya’s notion (maybe direct quote?) of if you’re not with us, you’re against us, but at least he used the word us.


Don the Con, The Fake President, is a greedy, craven, untruthful bigot and bully, an undisciplined braggart who’s going to get a lot of people killed.

what better example for the house and possibly the senate to flip in order to show this asshole that he was elected to govern not rule…

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Not you too. What the fuck is wrong with you.

Glad to see that Schumer’s response was not one more occasion to throw shade and say “Why don’t the Democrats do more?” It should be obvious why they don’t but they won’t stop trying.

Here is what Schumer said in full about orange moran’s trip to NoKo. What was reported here doesn’t do him justice.


Well, we are certainly adversaries, and I think he’s doing damage to our democracy and damage to the middle class in this country —I don’t think he’s kept his promises. But I’ll never cut off a line of communication.

“I don’t need advice! I have the BEST brain cell!”

Donald Full Diaper

I apologize. I’m just feeling very rage filled about his need to wreck EVERYTHING this morning.

Your rage is shared by just about everybody here, myself as well. I’m going for a swim, hope to cool off from head down. Thanks for answering.

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