Discussion: Deadly Las Vegas Shooting Leaves GOP-Backed Bills To Ease Gun Rules In Limbo

saying it would help hunters protect their hearing.


Uhhh … excuse me …

                 ---  YOUR FLY'S OPEN !

I think ear plugs would protect hunters hearing too. Just saying.


Faster than a speeding bullet!

That quotation was cited awkwardly. It seems like Pelosi made the horrible remark, it should be clearer that Scalise said you can outrun a gunshot if you hear it.

True, but and you imagine how many more people would have been killed if you could not hear the gun shots?

Gosh. This is too bad. If Nevada had stand-your-ground legislation and unrestricted open carry, concert goers could have ended this shooting quickly by blowing about 10,000 rounds into every room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Perhaps 500 innocent hotel guests who have been killed, but at least the good guys would have won!


My understanding so far is the cops were able to zero in on the shooter by sound location. Imagine the further carnage had Trump’s son in law’s silencer company been legal.


Well Advertising by the NRA in the Virginia governors race will be delayed for 9 days
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VA-Gov: NRA-PVF TV ad spending that was scheduled to start tomorrow has been postponed. New start date is 10/10.
10:37 AM - Oct 2, 2017

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Well I think the whole thing would have been much more tasteful if not accompanied by all that disturbing noise.

Meanwhile, in a week Republicans will get over it and pass the legislation.

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This is exactly the tiny little flaw in the Good Guy With a Gun theory.

How about in the darkened Colorado movie theater? How about in any crowd anywhere? How about cops, after long firearm training and constant practice and retraining, inadvertently shooting hundreds of innocent people in the moment every year even when they know who they are trying to shoot? What about the normal human reaction to a panic situation where your vision narrows and your brain pretty much stops working?

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Some people have no sense of shame.


Because their own GD representatives getting shot wasn’t enough to make them knock their crap off.

The NRA and the gun lobby, same-same, won’t ever quit pushing them and actually own them a little bit more and more as time passes.

I really don’t believe that all of these Repubs are for unfettered gun ownership and zero regs but their profession demands a total suspense of their beliefs, morality and ethics.
At least they can make themselves believe that.

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They will probably just do like NRA and hold off a week or so till we forget

Call them cop-killer bills.

Over and over and over and over again. Ignore protestations, ignore attempts at refutation. Just call them cop killer bills.