Discussion: David Goldberg, Husband Of Sheryl Sandberg, Dies Suddenly at 47

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Sounds rather like a suicide. If so, it may not speak all that well for Leaning In.

Or perhaps Leaning In was the best thing that ever happened in their lives, but some other setback in his/their life (there are a million possibilities) drove him to a crisis. Or it could be a recreational drug overdose, for instance.

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Why no reported cause of death? Seems odd, considering how Sandberg is so quick to tell others how to live their lives. We’re all human after all.

While this appears to be big news to a corrupt media that gets a leg tingle counting Zuckerberg’s butt hairs, it’s merely something to note if suicide and actual news if it’s murder.

Who’s Sheryl Sandberg? Coime of think of it, who’s David Goldberg?

What? I have to read the damn story?