Discussion: Dana Loesch Turns To FBI After Anonymous Troll Depicts Her Grisly Gun Death

It is a standard gun nut rhetorical practice to post (occasionally graphic) speculations about gun control advocates becoming victims of violent crime. And crap like, "why don't you put a sign outside your house calling it a gun free zone" with the implication that doing so would make yourself a target.

So I see this as chickens coming home to roost.


Good guy with a gun:

Houston police say that an armed man’s attempt to stop a carjacking went terribly wrong on Saturday night when he shot the vehicle’s owner in the head, then fled the scene.
According to KHOU Channel 11 News, the shooting took place around 11:15 p.m. at a Valero gas station in north Houston.
Police officials say that two men jumped the owner of a Chevrolet pickup truck and absconded with his vehicle.
As the men struggled with the car-owner, a passerby produced a gun and fired multiple shots, missing the thieves but striking the victim in the head.
The shooter quickly gathered up his shell casings from the pavement and fled the scene.
The injured man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is currently in stable condition.



Will Josh keep a running tally of how many days pass before the FBI does anything besides laugh? Or is this just going to drop through the cracks?

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The doctored video isn't all that graphic, but the message is unmistakable.

No kidding. Remember the guy in South Dakota last week who shot himself in the dick and then said it was done by a black guy who tried to rob him?

A note to all those good guys with guns out there. If my car is getting jacked, don't shoot! It's just a fucking car, it's insured (unlike your gun), and it can be replaced.


What the hell else are you supposed to do with a 9MM Eagle Talon Emasculator?


So he blamed one of the half dozen black men in South Dakota?


It must be making the rounds. Two years ago a farmer in South Dakota came home and started cleaning his gun outside in the moonlight. His wife clicked on the porch light to see what the hell he was doing out there and the sudden light startled him so much that he shot himself in the stomach.

A little further south and it coulda been the same gun.

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Really. Except for the air force base near Rapid City there are about 40 black guys in the entire state.

I suppose living in South Dakota might cause a person to hurry along the mortality time line.

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Remington Arms

@DLoesch : We're following your story, video buzz. Beyond creepy. If you need a new concealed carry piece, message us. #2A #LIVEREADY

LIVEREADY? Live ready for WHAT? The coming ISIS infiltration of Americas soft delicate underbelly? The Russians invasion of Right Wing Hate Radio? (As if, we do propaganda better than they do.) The Rapey Druggy Mesican Mules and their trusted pet cantaloupes? Cantaloupes, people, it's attack of the killer cantaloupes! Or is it from "those people"; you know the blah liberal lesbian shock troops come to steal your daughters and turn them GAY! Could it be your ready to defend against...ALIENS! Or Chemtrails! Or fluoridated WATER! IT's MinD CONTROL in the WAter SHEEPOL! WAKE UP! I gotta get off this computer! Lest the Area 51 SPACE LASERS home in ON MY POSITION and...pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttt


I have relatives in South Dakota. The best thing you can say about it is that it's quiet.

She should return it-- it's not working.



What took place that would warrant an investigation by the FBI?

And afraid enough to get big government involved on her behalf.


The weird part about those damned things is that the women wearing them will still not put out even if you claim to be a Christian.


She says she's contact the FBI. For how long did they roll their eyes?

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So you can make a gun target out of a public figure you dislike and blow the crap out of it all day. But a conservative get's all panicked if they receive the same treatment? Sounds like a free marketing campaign.


Or say, "Well YOU'VE got a gun. What are you bugging US for?"