Discussion: Dalai Lama: 'I Have No Worries' About Trump's Election

Perhaps there’s been a mistake and this is, in fact, really the Salvador Dali Lama who is being quoted.


Maybe it was Gary Johnson in a Dalai Lama disguise-

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The comparison between the Dali Lama’s 1959 flight from Tibet and the 2017 Trump takeover in the US has already occurred to me. Our losses are similar in some ways.

This is the same Dalai Lama who teamed up with notorious right wing propagandist Arthur C. Brooks, who is the president of the American Enterprise Institute.

They wrote an oped together in the NY Times on Nov. 4. It read like one of those soft-hearted pieces by that other Brooks, David. They observe that many in America are forgotten and that “Leaders need to recognize that a compassionate society must create a wealth of opportunities for meaningful work…”


Maybe he’s got some kind of special insight about the coming Apocalypse/New Age, and so he isn’t worried about a Trump presidency because he know there isn’t going to be any Trump presidency?

Hey, we can dream, can’t we? It’s all we’ve got at the moment.

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I would just roll my eyes except this exasperating naiveté from a guy who doesn’t know a damn thing about it is actually influential. I have woo-woo friends who consider themselves Buddhists and think this means something. They’re smart people, not pushovers, but they have this starry-eyed idealism that makes it uncomfortable for them to acknowledge that some people are just cruel, stupid, evil worthless scum who would rob you blind for the fun of it. They’re not a fringe, either, the woo-woos, there are lots of them. So this isn’t helping. You can be amusing on occasion, Mr. Dalai Lama whatever your name is, but if you meditate and listen just a bit harder you’ll hear the universe whispering to you to butt the fuck out, we have a problem here and you’re not helping.


In a May 25, 1999 interview published in The Age, the Dalai Lama stated, “They want me to condone homosexuality. But I am a Buddhist and, for a Buddhist, a relationship between two men is wrong. Some sexual conduct in marriage is also wrong” speaking regarding masturbation and oral sex.

From Hawaiifreepress.com Aug 27, 2013

“His holiness,” my ass.

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Pero las llamas son peligrosas. Si usted ve una llama donde hay gente nadando, usted gritar: ¡Cuidado! ¡Llamas!

Somewhere in my Dictionary of Regrettable Quotations (Cassell), and presumably on the internet somewhere as well, is a quote by Gandhi that goes something like, “The hysteria around Herr Hitler seems to be unfounded. He is accomplishing much that he has set out to do with very little bloodshed.” 1938 or something. I like Gandhi, I like the Dalai Lama, but…

Yeah and one of the reasons I quit you guys is when the leader of the Vajradakini Meditation Center said that Hitler wasn’t evil, it was just because we were unable to see clearly that we thought so.

And I said - no, there is such a thing as a right and wrong. Bye.