Discussion: 'Daily Show' Sends Supplies To Oregon Militia (VIDEO)

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WHAT! No Truck Nutz???


Can you just imagine one of these Bundy / Ritzheimer Super Patriots crossing the Delaware with Washington. He pens a letter home: “Please don’t forget the sacrifice we are making. Please send thermal footies and underwear, Scoobie snacks and Granola (assorted flavors), RedBull drinks, equipment for cold weather, some winter fatigues, maybe some Jack Daniels, and…and a big box of Kleenex, TP and air fresheners, oh…and KY Jelly (gun oil chafes like heck)…and a few pretty sheep would be extra nice for the long haul."


These dorks wouldn’t have lasted a week at Valley Forge.

Hope they were sent C.O.D.

Poor Oregon, a small group of wingnuts from Arizona descends on a federal park in the middle of nowhere and the state gets branded with them.

Are these supplies getting through??? Cutting off electricity might be all so doable. The building is probably being heated by LNG which could last a while. But I would think that mail, UPS, etc, can be held for them rather than be delivered.

And lil’ squirt Jon Ritzheimer wants you to know that “Trail Mix” is just M&Ms with obstacles…so leave out the obstacles.

And TRUCK NUTZ! Our Silveradoes need Truck Nutz!

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