Discussion: Daily Caller Blogger Quits After Editor Pulls Column Criticizing Fox News

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Mickey no doubt is headed to the world HQ of bloggingheads.tv, where, in the course of shedding no light on anything beyond confirming his brain still resembles a ratnest constructed within a labyrinthian maze, he will discuss all this with Georg- uh, Robert Wright, in an effort to rationalize his several positions to the viewer. From comments posted on that website by that viewer, it will turn out not to have gone well for Len- uh, Mickey.


Mickey, you were working for the Daily Caller. You were expecting journalistic integrity?


Fox as the route to money and power has created a Hate-Beast that will consume the right. They will never go back to being sane, because the money is in the crazy. There is so much money to be made feeding the Hate-Beast that they can NEVER again be a party of constructive change. They are stuck being parodies of cartoons of pro-wrestlers posing as serious statesmen. Fox built that.

And that the country functions at all is a tribute to the dems like Reid, Pelosi and PBO. They are like the Sober Moms who keep the family running despite the GOP’s Drunkard Dad act. The upside to Dem efforts is that the union keeps working, more or less. The downside of remaining functional is that Dad thinks he’s doing great and that things would work even better if he drank more.

"Mickey is a great guy, and one of the few truly independent thinkers anywhere," Carlson said.

“But there is no place for independent thinkers at the Daily Caller or at Fox News”, he added.



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That damned liberal media!!! Oh, wait…


Mickey was apparently criticizing Fox from the right for not being sufficiently anti-immigrant.

I guess that’s one way to prove that you’re an ¨independent thinker.¨


“Fox’s monopoly on star-making power." The list of guests that made asses out themselves, and became totally irrelevant in the process is endless.

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I don’t think “star making” is the correct term. Stars are bright, illuminating, warm and nurturing.

Whatever it is that Fox makes is dark, dim, cold and bullying.


Ah, Mickey I got 5% of the primary vote against that Marxist Barbara Boxer Kaus…

Mickey, you’re still a deluded doofus!


Carlos is right! Just Google “Mickey Kaus Anti Immigrant” and see the garbage that bigot posted!


Kaus: Just to be on a Fox show is a big deal.
And I think that’s a problem on the right, Fox’s monopoly on force-fed-stupidity.

Nothing personal Mick.
Just don’t step in front of Tucker’s gravy-train-- got it?



Tucker Carlson =/= Integrity

“Mickey is a great guy, and one of the few truly independent thinkers anywhere,” Carlson said.

And the ONE THING The Daily Caller has NO use for is independent thinkers!


“Mickey is a great guy, and one of the few truly independent thinkers anywhere, Carlson said.”

I laughed out loud when I read this quote. Carlson pulls this guys article for breaking propagandist protocol and then praises his independence.

I don’t get it either, but there it is.


Nothing will change with Fox or the RWNJs until the repubs lose enough elections to wake them up. That is the only thing that will get them to look at what they are doing.


He’s saying Mickey’s a wacky funster without the funster part.


People should remember that it is called ‘Show BUSINESS’, not Show JOURNALISM.’ Faux news ethics, such as they are, strike again.

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Republicans hate free speech.

Unless it’s to criticize Obama. Then, there is no limit to their vitriol and dogma.

Criticize a fraternity for gang rapes? That’s heresy! Criticize African Americans for any crime at all? That’s mandatory! White male republicans are perfect, and any atempt to demonstrate otherwise MUST be censored! The First Amendment is only trumped by the 2nd Amendment. They’ll stand their ground using the 2nd Amendment to preclude your exercise of the 1st Amendment.