Discussion: Cruz Rips WaPo For Publishing Cartoon Depicting His Daughters As Monkeys

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Well, he DID use them as campaign props himself.

But I wouldn’t have run the cartoon,either. Its in poor taste, and its definitely a case of where taking the higher road actually matters.

Its not like the girls have a lot of say in their dad using them.


Ted Cruz has put his children in a political ad- don’t start screaming when editorial cartoonists draw them as well.

The fact that the Post pulled it means they don’t believe that.


Cruz’s outrage doesn’t make sense given that he and his family are not related to ‘monkeys’, but are instead created in God’s image. I have to call False outrage on this one I’m afraid, and Merry Christmas everyone!


We’re rightfully upset when Obama’s kids are attacked so this should be off limits as well. Plenty of material to attack Cruz with without going after his daughters.


Martyred victimhood. Amusing coming from the original dog-whistler.


Considering what has been said and published and passed around about the Obama’s, I’m not going to get all up in arms about this…but yea, the kids oughta be off limits and it was in kinda bad taste. That said, it’s my understanding that his kids have been trotted out as props which blurs the line even more. But again, there’s lots of things you could target him for that are legit…lets color inside the lines.


Nor do the organ grinder’s monkeys.

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Remembering $ister$arah using TriG to shield Bristol’s baby bump…

Protect the fetus--------exploit the child.


Not merely in the ad but speaking attack lines…Ted, in today’s trolling zeitgeist, made his own daughters dancing monkeys to wallow in faux tears and reap the evangullible.

First of all, they monkeys should have been Mcconnell and Boner.

Second, what indication is there, whatsoever, that these are his daughters? Is there some context I’m missing?

Hell, Cruz looks more like Glenn Quagmire in that picture. No idea who the monkeys are supposed to be.


Just say you forgot something and put it right back up only with him hiding behind his wife’s skirts and holding out a tin cup for people to put money in.

The screams of fury will be delicious.


I had no idea God was so fucking ugly. Now I know. And I hear that’s half the battle.

A question for TPM: What other politician gave his minor children speaking lines in a presidential primary attack ad?

PS-The monkey cartoons are adorable and Ted’s does look a bit Quagmirish…


And contrast that with how the Clintons tried to protect Chelsea.

And, oh, wonder what Ted said about how Chelsea was treated by his side?

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He has a parody ad up now where he is reading faux Christmas stories to his children. “It was the night before the government shutdown, and all through the house…”. That kind of thing.


You can target him for this but you need to do it without sideswiping his exploited children.

The kids shouldn’t have been in the cartoon, and shouldn’t have been portrayed as monkeys. AND, Cruz should not have reprinted the cartoon that so offended him in a fundraising ad. That was a dick move.


There were so many other less obvious metaphors available to Telnaes, but if you consider her body of work, it’s always gone for the direct hit, not - like some - pattern bombing.

So, some perspective seems merited here: a foreign-born-and-raised political cartoonist known, indeed rewarded and recognized, for her penchant for animations that sear pols right up their colons with hot pokers, produces an animated cartoon pointing out something true. something that’s actually happening, something that’s fueled with hypocrisy regardless of the fundamentally religiotic preachings of an irresponsible demagogue, versus the very same deeply irresponsible preznit candidate campaigning on the image of somehow ‘targeting’ the “pattern bombing” of entire Syrian and Iraqi communities full of innocent children held hostage by an organization of religious fundamentalist terrorists.

Comparing sins one might have to account for to a Grim Reaper, it seems to me the brave, albeit regrettably (in this instance) under-constrained animator remains in quite a bit more desirable shape than the deeply offended yet happily aggrieved actual-bombs-addled pol.


I suppose he was equally outraged when Rush “to the buffet” Limbaugh and the rest of them went after a 14-year-old Chelsea Clinton? Or the Obama daughters were attacked for the clothes they wore to the sacred turkey pardoning at Thanksgiving.

What a hypocritical asswipe.