Discussion: Cruz On Trump Fraud Accusations: 'He's Losing It' (VIDEO)

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He then said that his daughters are more mature than Trump.

“My girls are 5 and 7,” Cruz said. “And I got to tell you — Caroline and Catherine are better behaved than a presidential candidate who responds by insulting everyone every day when he loses.”

Are those the same daughters you beat the crap out of (and brag about doing so) whenever they tell a mistruth?


Cruz’s writers knocked it out of the park with “Trumper tantrum”. Too bad they’re saddled with a performer that makes Pinocchio look like a contortionist. Maybe they can get a gig on the Daily Show…

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How are Trump’s charges of fraud any different than the RNC’s continual charges of voter fraud? Other than that the dirty trick against Carson is actually real and documented.

I can see this sticking, since the electoral fraud accusations after losing are part of the Republican DNA. Also, they do hate Cruz and he’s now in a more dangerous position than Trump, and again, both Trump and Carson are right here: this was a deceitful act on the part of Cruz, and he isn’t taking responsibility for it, instead blaming CNN.


You have to wonder what standards the GOP candidates use to determine “losing it” when none of the gang are constrained by truth or reality.

So Cruz scruz his family by dragging the children into the campaign in a very Palinesque act. Any critical response makes him a victim.

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Cruz’ dishonesty probably helped him win in Iowa, but it will be short lived. Real Americans won’t look favorably on a liar and especially one who still owes us all $24 billion from his shutdown antics because he hates Americans having health care. Despicable scumbag.


Cruz won’t be laughing off Trump’s army of lawyers.

Trump: My intern will be tweeting about this illegal very soon.

HeyTED…may you follow in the footsteps of the last 2 winners of the wannabe ‘winners’ of the Iowa caucus.

Anyone familiar with Hunter, a front page writer at DailyKos, will have read yesterday how he used a new linguistic fusion for both Cruz and Trump. The fresh portmanteau, was given the name “Crump”…and really, how appropriate is that? The word or name for these two assholes, says it all. I laughed when I read that. Its just so fucking descriptive and perfect on every level. Not sure if he invented it, but kudos if he did, or whoever came up with that.
From now on, I plan on using that particular blend myself whenever I can.

An anchor baby sociopath disses natural born idiot.

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As much as I despise both men, you could not have written a better cast of characters for this little drama. The two of them should be able to feed off each other for the next 9 months no problem, and I will enjoy every second.