Discussion: Cruz Camp Left Iowa Voters Voice Mails Repeating Carson 'Suspending' Rumors

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This guy really does channel Nixon, doesn’t he.


Cruz: I am sure we all know the difference between “Drop Out” and “Suspending”.

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“Never thought I’d miss Nixon” was a best selling sticker during the GW Bush years, but Cruz as prez would be a living breathing re-incarnation of Nixon.


He’s just following the GOP playbook; If you can’t win legitimately, cheat.
Nothing new here.


— on steroids.


It’s always a good idea to verify information put out by the campaign that is competing with your favored candidate.


Joe McCarthy.

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The GOP has played dirty tricks since Nixon. That’s the only way they can win.

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I’m sure the Des Moines Register will get right on this.


I hope Cat Frazier copped a big ass raise from this.


Is anyone surprised? Now the question is, who’s going to be best at ratfucking? Cruz or the rest of the GOP who can’t stand him.

Excuse me while I go look for some fresh popcorn.


Bingo! He’s Nixon all the way. He even has his perfunctory gestures and dramatic pauses down-pat imo. I’m just waiting for him to tell us “I am not a crook”. When that day comes, it’ll be a hoot. The guy is pure sleaze.


“Would it change your opinion of John McCain if you found out that he had a black child out of wedlock?”

 Pssst ...... psssssst ---

 hey.. wanna know something ? 

The pos’s are GOP for pete’s sake — They over all others should know not to listen to what a GOP says ! —

Even though his campaign has been busted in the act, there’s not a thing anyone is going to do about this…and Cruz knows this. The FEC is a toothless body that can’t and won’t do a thing about this, so who is going to make him pay for this? Only the voters can, and from what I’ve seen, the more sordid and immoral their candidate is, the more they seem to like the fucker.


Breitbart and voice mails, I would’ve wanted a second source if Cruz hadn’t copped to it.

Saturday’s debate will be fantastic. I wonder if Carson has the ability to raise his blood pressure enough to rip into Cruz, or will he meekly accept Cruz’s slimy apology and move on. Meanwhile, Trump must know he needs to have a much better debate performance than he has in the past. He needs to marshall insults that are substantive enough to actually wound Cruz.

The question I would ask if I was a moderator would be to Carson and Trump, “Will you support Cruz if he win the nomination, or do you hate him too much.”

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Fucking weasel! If Hunpjrey Bogart were alive today, he would grab him by the lapels , slap that half assed grin off his face and demand to know 'what are ya gonna do about it…"We would all cheer loudly.

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Cruz is Nixon reincarnated. Dirty tricks and all.
Bet’cha he’s got an enemies list all prepared for later use.

Maybe I’ll get out my dvd of “All the President’s Men”

Follow the money…

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