Discussion: Cruz Calls CIA Interrogation Tactics Revealed In Senate Report 'Torture'

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Torture is really totally bad, you guys, but…uh…the CIA didn’t do any of that torturing stuff so BENGHAZI.


Buried deep in that word salad there is a kernel of truth but that’s not what he showed up for. It slipped out unintentionally and he’ll never do it again. And I’m not sure what he means by

Congress has rightly acted to make absolutely clear that the United States will not engage in torture,

With the exception of McCain, most of the Rs in Congress seem to be on board


Joe McCarthy Jr appalled by torture.


“Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering asked Cruz about the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture.”

Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering placed the ball on the rhetorical tee for Cruz.


Any real journalist worth his salt would follow up by asking what particular “failure of this administration” Obama and the Dems are trying to blame on Dubya by releasing this report. THEN INSIST ON A FUCKING ANSWER. Dude would vomit the most ridiculous word salad we’ve heard from him yet, because there’s just zero way to explain that irrational straw man nonsense.


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“Conservatives typically avoid calling harsh interrogation methods “torture.” The CIA describes them as 'enhanced interrogation techniques.”

They also call garbagemen ‘sanitation engineers’ and for a while referred to the 2012 election as ‘The Final Solution.’


But then Cruz clarified

Or contradicted unless The Texan Twister is actually is blaming President Obama for tortures performed during Presidents Bush & Cheney’s benighted term.


Trying to make sense of Canada Cruz is ‘torture’.


Enough already with blaming George W. Bush for every failure of this administration," he continued.

Except everything GWB’s administration touched?
Ended up f^cked up.

Back around 2006 I asked several ® friends:

“Name one thing. Just one good thing GWB has done?”

Not one word in reply.



You are so right. (They now call our maintenance man - a great guy, by the way - the “building engineer.”) One can use any name to disguise a behavior, but it doesn’t change what we know it is.

peter king just on msnbc proclaiming no torture happened… regardless of what john mccain might proclaim. peter king knows otherwise… also, what i’m seeing develop is the misdirection – it’s an entirely partisan document; why didn’t the democrats interview former operatives/directors. how dare they rely on cia documents for their investigation.
and… scarbro’s favorite – what about obama’s drone program. failing to recognize that it’s been and continues to be roundly criticized and denounced.


If torture is 100 % unambiguously wrong…whats his beef? What’s his complaint with a report that says the same thing? What’s his beef with those that agree with him that civilized nations don’t torture?

And all the GOP’ers need to drop revisionism from their scam repertoire. They suck at it.


What I gleaned from Carnival’s comments is this:

everything, everything, everything is George W. Bush’s fault.

You have to edit Rafael’s statements to find the truth…


“…everything, everything, everything is George W. Bush’s fault. Enough already with blaming George W. Bush for every failure of this administration.”

Even the logic is tortured.


“Hey, that stuff we did that didn’t work? Not torture at all. Civilized nations do not do that. What we did was make them uncomfortable…sort of like forcing them to watch ‘Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ys Sisterhood’ while the Super Bowl is on. But torture? No way.”

Here it comes. Those innocent men who went on a hunger strike at Gitmo were tortured under Obama when Nasogastric tubes were inserted. I would be quite proud if Obama walked in front of that bus and said, “Proceed. Hell, I’ll fly to the Hague tomorrow if it suits you assholes”.

"“Name one good thing. Just one good thing GWB has done?”

Well, that Drive DID go really far.


Look carefully at what he said. He did not specifically say that acts described in the report are “torture”. He didn’t say that.


I got it. It’s torture but it’s Obama’s fault that the Bush/Cheney administration did it.

GOP logic in a nutshell.