Discussion: Cornel West: President Obama Is A 'War Criminal'

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Someone needs attention…been too long out of the spotlight.


West always sounds jealous of Obama’s success. Too bad.


Exactly. He never wanted a brother to succeed.


He really does. West and Smiley, as well. I could get disappointment 6 years into the presidency, but this epic hurt started, or seemed to, on Inauguration Day. Which is too bad for both, because whatever legitimate criticism they may have now gets relegated into the “he’s always hated Obama” bin.*

*I don’t think rhetoric like calling Obama a war criminal constitutes “legitimate” criticism, but you get my drift.


So Obama is both an Israel hater and an Israeli apologist…at the same time! That goes right along with him being a Black Liberation Theologist and a Muslim. Or a Muslim and an alcoholic. Or a brilliantly devious tyrant and a doofus totally over his head.


West hasn’t been relevant since Can’t Truss It. Both he and Smiley really really REALLY want to be the intellectual voice of Black America and neither one can accept that black folks really don’t care about them all that much.

Smiley still can’t get over that Barack tried to send Michelle to his event and Smiley thought that was a slight. There’s your intellectual heft right there, brother. He didn’t think Michelle Obama was worthy of the same stage as Tavis Smiley.


I certainly don’t agree with what he said, but oh my, he’s a scary looking dude.

He’s out there.


I think Obama had a crossroads in his life where he had to decide whether he would be a firebrand a la Cornel West, or jump into the system with both feet and try to move the dial as much as he could from there. The world needs Wests and Obamas both.


You can’t refute the veracity of his statements. As an alternative, you try to belittle him? I would bet Mr. West could make you seem a fool if he lowered himself to debate with you on your level.


I’m sure any minute now Tavis Smiley will be along to tell everyone how right Cornel West is and that Obama is not doing enough for people of color around the word…SMH


Thanks for showing us all how not to personally attack. I’m sure we’re all the better for your leadership.

Edited: did you miss “legitimate criticism” or doesn’t that fit into your preconceptions about what I actually wrote?


I asked you what it was like to live in a bubble. I don’t see that as an attack. Perhaps someone who’s a perpetual victim does. I notice you have no problem with attacks if you’re on the giving side.

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Thanks for the clarification, bonvivant who objects to personal attacks and does nothing but personally attack others.



The phrase "Be the change you wish to see in the world” is lost on some people. They think it means project Green Lantern capabilities onto the President and then criticize him when the world doesn’t turn out the way they want.

I guess Cornel missed all those congressional votes affirming US support for Israel over the last few weeks.

In 1967 an issue of H. Rap Brown’s SNCC Newsletter denounced Zionism, attacked American Jews, and accused Israel of crushing Arabs “through terror, force, and massacre.”


He not only sounds it he is. He and Tavis Smiley. Two pathetic attention seekers


Sorry Dr. West, you manufactured your headlines, now learn something about the military reality and geopolitik at work here.

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One word why Obama can’t do anything about Israel: Congress.

Two words why Congress refuses to do anything about Israel: AIPAC money.


I am amazed by those who deride West for doing what the Biblical prophets including Jesus repeatedly did: speak truth to power - even when it is dangerous to do so. West is a genuine Christian. Obama can take his “Christian realism” and go stuff it. He also should give back his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.

Killing hundreds of innocent children is indeed a war crime and Obama’s excessive use of drones as well as his support of the massacre of innocents in Gaza has violated both international law and Christian morality.

Obama has done nothing to help minorities. He has done nothing to help the poor. He is a Wall Street shill and a warmonger. I regret that I voted for him twice (though I admit the alternatives were even worse.)


What a flaming idiot.