Discussion: Corey Lewandowski Promises Convention Will Show The Softer Side Of Trump

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I take it he is referring to either his never closed fontanelle or his thrice used wedding tackle.


In what capacity is he making that promise again, please?


Trump has a softer side?


Semi-OT: Well that was 10 mins. of my life I will never get back hearing Sen. Tom Cotton putting the convention to sleep with insipid sound-bites.

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“Hell is on the way”…

he has to check that non disclosure agreement to find out

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Wow. This woman (Karen Vaughn) on now has lost her mind. She is screaming that we need to scrap the “rules of engagement” the DoD uses. Yikes.


"I think they’re going to see Mrs. Trump talk about her relationship with her husband and what kind of father he is and that’s a different message than most people see from Donald Trump," Lewandowski, a New Hampshire delegate, told TPM on the floor of the Quicken Loans Center.

she will?

Oh boy… Jeff Sessons… this will be a shit-show and a half.

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currently on youtube

Chat is disabled for this live stream.


(OT that injects sanity into the shit show): This is a good read.
I worked in the CIA under Bush. Obama is right to not say “radical Islam.”

Jeff Sessions on free trade

Absolutely. But believe me when I say that there’s no trouble in that area.

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It was funny watching a Republican Senator trying to be populist android against multilateral trade-deals, which the bulk of the GOP supports.

Too funny.

currently on the PBS feed

there’s a demonstrator getting arrested

awwww sh–

Rudy is on

Ugh… Rudy Giuliani er… Giuliani.

Simon Says… Go Trump…


personally I thought of him as an unfunny Henry Gibson


And who was it that called BLM anarchists?